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  • Intruder Alarms & accessories
  • CCTV Cameras
  • Fire detection
  • Access control & GSM / keypads
  • Gate / Barrier automation
  • Automatic gate labelling 

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    Assured Gate Services

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    AESIF & Industry news
    Brexit and the EU
    Installers are miffed of with some Manufactures & backed distributor selling gate automation products at below net prices to the end users over the internet "whom are they competing with"? "What is the point of product approved installers in the UK" "It is making the DHF training program harder for installers to justify"
    Merry Christmas to all
    Wishing all installers a very merry Christmas and a happy New Year "2016" and we pray for peace in our time.
    Do you ever get up first thing in the morning wondering what the hell you are doing, ‘well I do now’ we start our day like regimental soldiers, at home, at work, planning the new day’s activities risk assessment, method statements, costing, transportation and this is just to get you from the place of work to the job? And then we have to start all over again.
    Delivering safety by design and construction
    Powered door and gate safety is not just about the individual components making up the product, but about the way they are combined together to fit a particular set of circumstances, and what is done over time to maintain safety. At all times a powered gate must respond in a safe way when any person interacts with it. It’s design must take into account that foreseeable interactions may go well beyond normal use (eg children playing around or with / on the powered gate), as well as normal wear and tear, and adverse environmental influences, particular wind and rain / snow and other debris that can impair function.
    Getting your gates maintained
    Those assessing, inspecting, checking, maintaining and repairing powered gates as part of a work activity have duties for safety under Section 3 of the Health & Safety at Work etc Act 1974. Essentially they should not put others (including the public) at risk. For example, following any maintenance or repair work the gate must be left safe.

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    Securing your home or business can be a nightmare. On top of this is the knowledge required to ensure that the equipment used is safe, and so are actively searching for installation companies that can supply quality products and services for peace of mind and safety.

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    Being Part of an Installer Network:

    Aesif seeks to promote the automation entrance industry as a whole and believes that, by giving balanced consideration to both people within the industry and the end consumer, the entrance automation industry will develop at a faster rate and be able to better serve the customers and community at large.

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