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GATE SAFETY WEEK - 08 September 2015


Gate Safety Week 12-18 October 2015

7 Weeks and Counting: Gate Safety Week, 12-18 October

What are you doing for Gate Safety Week?

It's just seven weeks until the start of 'Gate Safety Week' which runs from 12-18 October. The 2014 campaign was a tremendous success and this year, we're expecting more support and increased awareness than ever before.

What is Gate Safety Week?

In 2014, the Door and Hardware Federation launched 'Gate Safety Week', initiated to raise awareness of the proper installation and maintenance of powered gates and how to prevent accidents. Our Chairman, Neil Sampson (also MD, Green Gate Access Systems) launched the campaign to educate and inform professional installers, industry contacts and the general public on the dangers associated with poorly installed and maintained powered gates, in addition to how to report an unsafe gate and what to look for.

What are we doing?

Everything we can to ensure that accidents involving powered gates become a thing of the past! A correctly installed and well maintained gate is perfectly safe to use; 'Gate Safety Week' is about education, prevention and raising awareness.

What are you doing?

Please support the campaign by spreading the word via your social media platforms, sending us a message of support for our website and putting a link on your own website to the 'Gate Safety Week' website - And, look out for these newsletters, coming weekly!

Kind regards 

Neil Sampson
Chairman, DHF Powered gate Group
Managing Director, Green gate Access Systems


For the key messages and further information about Gate Safety Week, please, or call 08456 800268.

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