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AESIF News - DHF Fencing & landscaping artical

DHF Fencing & landscaping artical - 18 October 2015

TEENAGER SERIOUSLY INJURED IN POWERED GATE INCIDENT October 16, 2015 · by Ben · in Health and Safety

The Door and Hardware Federation have been informed of a recent incident that caused serious injury to a teenager when a powered gate fell on them. The relevant authorities have been informed and are looking into the incident.

The gate was at a location where people are employed and hence the owner would be required to keep the gate in a safe condition by regulation 5 the Workplace (Health Safety and Welfare) Regulations. If reports are accurate it would appear that a DHF Powered Gate Group member company had informed the owner that the gate was unsafe and refused to repair the gate unless they could also address the safety issues, in line with DHF guidelines and as required by section 3 of the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974. It now transpires that the gate may have subsequently been repaired by another company who did not address the safety issues, resulting in yet another serious powered gate injury.

In all cases a safe gate is one where all crush, impact, shear, draw-in, structural and electrical hazards have been addressed by applying reasonable and practicable control measures, as a standard (BS EN 12453) has been available on the subject since 2001, its contents form the state of the art for the industry and hence what is reasonable and practicable to achieve.

Resistance to safety upgrades by owners of existing powered gates is now the biggest problem being faced by DHF members, this is resulting in an increasing number of less responsible companies taking on and executing works illegally. This growing and intolerable situation cannot be allowed to continue and the DHF is appealing to all local authorities and central government to clamp down on illegal activity in the powered gate industry and for anyone who works on powered gates to get comprehensive training.


It’s always sad when someone is involved in an accident at work for whatever the reason? Clearly the responsibilities for H&S at the site are that of the owners / management, apparently having been made fully aware of requirements’ to rectify issues in compliance with directives to the gate. However until further information is made available AESIF feels it would be inappropriate to comment on the incident, or that of the actions of both third party contractors, that undertook works, by issuing reports, or to carried out replacement / repair parts under instruction of the company in question.  

A case such as this is not as straight cut as one would be lead to believe. How long has the gate been in service?, who was the original designer?, manufacturer?, installer?, commissioner of the gate?, the party responsible for schedule maintenance and repair and for what periods? and lastly the responsibility of the management to inform employees of any impending risks, in the use of or its automatic operation at the time of the incident with the employee at the gateway.      

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