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AESIF News - Brexit and the EU

Brexit and the EU - 08 March 2016

Installers are miffed of with some Manufactures & backed distributor selling gate automation products at below net prices to the end users over the internet "whom are they competing with"? "What is the point of product approved installers in the UK" "It is making the DHF training program harder for installers to justify"

We have reported these retail tactics to manufactures and backed distributors before. 

Manufactures and suppliers need to respond and sort this problem out now.

Retail resale on none DIY products over the internet are only helping to devalue your own products and by allowing these trends to continue you are directly affecting the net trade supply of products to the approved installation trade across Europe. These sales are not helping installers here in the UK and begs the question of our part in Europe. This is becoming a very big problem for installation sales enquiries.

"If  I buy the kit? can you fit it for me." or  "I can get the kit for half that price, you are just ripping me off." 

The situation in the UK is so bad that the consumer can purchase products well below net trade including VAT & Delivery! 

Support from Aesif.  Helping those medium and smaller sized businesses in the industry enjoy maximum opportunities for growth, both now and in the future. Ensuring the concerns of the automation industry is brought to bear on the matters that affect it and to safe guard the livelihood and welfare of the members and their dependents. 

This situation to installers at AESIF makes them feel like there is no customer loyalty between manufacturers over product versus quotations, which will lead to approved installers moving away from this industry due to profitability or the feasibility for them to make a living out of the work that they do whether this is installing, repairing or servicing.

Government spin doctor's on Brexit

Britain has been in the grips of a triple recession lasting more than 8 years,  we don't want any more of this thank you.

The British public are having to deal with so much nonsense and threats of doom and gloom from this Government it makes you wonder why we don't all commit Genocide now?

I'm sorry but the amount of bullshit coming out Westminster is disturbing and ridiculous. It will make no difference to Britain in leaving and continuing to trade within the EU. The UK's current manufacturing companies that trade and supply goods are already EU compliant and they will continue to be so, if they wish to trade within the EU in the future.

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