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John. Tel : 07979 595 800 

Gate Safety Certs APP well-done.

A well-designed AESIF app put together by installers, and professional software developers at Pendigo Systems, to fit the real needs of a busy installation lifestyle. It complements and enhances the performance of the company with the client on-site.

The remit for the APP was to work on all devices android and apple, tablets, and phones, the request to work at all site locations, without the need for data, and Wi-Fi connections at the time of use, but with a personal cloud backup, installer and client signatures, photo back up, and pdf compliant certification email for the client.

Sliding, lift, tilt and turn automatic turnstiles, both domestic and commercial in use.

automatic Sliding glass doors, both domestic and commercial in use

Automated garage doors, both domestic and commercial in use

Automated sliding swinging gates, both domestic and commercial in use 

The end of needless paperwork going GREEN, carbon-free.

At the end of a busy day, all you want to do is sit in your van, have a cup of tea, chill out, do the certs, and go home in the knowledge that you have done your bit for another day, and a great job finished.

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    AESIF & Industry news
    Moving Home, AESIF Certification App
    Aims to promote health and safety to automatic doors and gates by providing certification, for installation, maintenance, and the need for public awareness, through a range of translated documents, providing information in ethnic origin language, within the United Kingdom, Ireland, & European Union. AESIF is also helping to transcend language barriers for all users. AESIF awarded the coveted “Investors in People”
    A Merry Christmas and Happy New year 24
    My name is John Birkett and I have been involved with AESIF for over 23 years Serving as director general some 10 years ago now, and also working on the executive committee to help in changing the safety around gates in the UK and EU. AESIF was dissolved back in 2012 but what is new for the AESIF app 2024
    "Urgent Notice" new's to automated gate owners
    If you have electric gates or doors on your property you should by now be asking your maintenance engineer for a handover certificate for peace of mind and the protection and safety of your family.
    AESIF Certification App
    Certification for your installed automatic gates starts to grow more popular with the consumers, as it aligns it's self with other industries like the gas safe and electrical industry it's also important for the new home buyer as being left with an expensive repair bill can be costly for all.
    BFT Automation UK
    BFT Automation UK April 2022 Peter Gansbuehler Climbs Snowdon! Fundraising for Cancer Research UK

    AESIF is a free information website for installers within industry.

    The recession of 2008 took its toll on all business and for AESIF a shrinking membership, the difficult decision was taken to close in 2012, with no light at the end of the tunnel for membership. The economy had shrunk by more than 6% between the first quarter of 2008 and the second quarter of 2009, the UK economy took five years to get back to the size it was before the recession. The United Kingdom went through a triple recession in the north that lingered on longer than world war two, from the Midland north to Scotland till 2016. It all started with the world banking crisis in late 2007 with the bank "Northern Rock".  

    Bank nationalisation: The UK government took steps to stabilise the banking system by nationalising several major banks, including Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) and Lloyds Banking Group, in order to ensure that they had sufficient capital to continue lending to businesses and households. 

    The first use of "levelling up" as an official Conservative Party policy was in the party's manifesto for the 2019 general election, But along came Covid 19 pandemic which stated that a Johnson government  levelling up backed by over £48 billion of government funding and billions more from businesses, large and small. The rest as they say is history.

    AESIF Company number 04463933 

    Company limited status                                                                                                      Dissolved 18 December 2012

    Company type

    Private Limited Company by guarantee without share capital use of 'Limited' exemption

    Incorporated on                                                                                                                 18 June 2002

    Nature of business (SIC)

    9112 - Professional organisations

    9133 - Other membership organisations

     “Ok forgive me the United Kingdom left the European Union” honestly you couldn’t make this up?

    To be or not to be - 09 November 2012 (This is an editorial from the time very sad reading)

    That is the question? Ten years or so ago the electric gate industry was a different place, with good business turnover and reasonable profit, including an abundance of work for installers “but ’o so long ago”.

    Passion and Sensibility

    There is a big difference between the passion you may have for a successful business, one that has been built up over the years, and is continuing to be viable, profitable, and provide equity for the future. It's true that some areas of the UK have seen good business for both groups, resellers and retailers, that's a fact. On the other hand some companies are really struggling, and its a big problem for them with the lack of business.

    Ok if you are one of those business the later part of that paragraph, and you are putting your savings back into the company to keep it afloat? Then you must stop now, consider your options, what is available to you to change your position and profitability.

    If you cannot sell your products and services in the open market place, when price dictates the sale, or for whatever reason, then it is time to move on, don't get into debt trying to keep a business a float, know when to cut your losses.

    Statistics AESIF membership losses: 21 Dissolved limited companies 2 Voluntary liquidation 1 late return 14 listed as not trading 3 Distributors Dissolved 

     Back to the present day:

     This website now provides free information about the gate automation industry, and the laws that govern it within the United Kingdom

    AESIF launch : The AESIF Certification APP pendigo

    June 2021 . It’s been a long time coming AESIF created the first industry online digital certification register back in 2005 down loadable on PC and sent in PDF format to the customer / end users. Information for use shall be in accordance with EN ISO 12100:2010

    So what’s the news ? "the new document certification APP" and it will connect installers and inspector's straight to the android phone with apple to follow, 1st August 2021 making the online digital certification form filling on site easy and labour saving. " coming soon see for more information from 1st August 2021" 

    You can archive a saved document for later use, and more importantly you do not need a connection to the internet to fill the data at the time of use? “That’s right easy peas'y you can complete the data without  a Wi-Fi, Internet or mobile connection to populate the form? Once you sign of the certificate, the information is sent from the phone when a data connection is available  an automatic connection”

    The smart APP allows you to archive forms so they can be signed off at the completion stage on site with the duty holder (customer) and email directly to your customer on leaving the site. All your information is retained, details of the installation and client for you to use the information at your next onsite service. This service is open to all installers of automated Gate, Door, Barriers.

    Who can use the documents; anyone qualified or an affiliated approved register i.e?  AESIF, ECA, NAPIT, NICEIC, 

    So what certification do we have to offer you on the APP?

    Visual Inspection Notice of Compliance    Machinery Directive 2006/42 EU BS EN 12453 2017 &12604:2017+A1:2021 

    The above form is for a decommissioned installation /or that has no service records on the installations, with further guidance of use from the  AESIF  HSE. 

    Inspection Notice of Compliance Certificate    BS EN 12453 2017 &12604:2017+A1 2021

    Service Maintenance Compliance Certificate   BS EN 12453 2017 &12604:2017+A1 2021

    Power Operated Door Requirements Compliance Certificate  BS EN 12453 2017 &12604:2017+A1 2021

    Minor works Certification Part P BS 7671: 2018+A2 2022

    AESIF app Pdf information are stored on the installer company registrar app for 18 months only, but  give both the end user and installer time to resubmit for the annual replacement certificates. No third party client information is recorded or retained by AESIF, all records are kept by the company / owner signatures only.

    The AESIF gate safety app requires a personal login and password protection, for each use in form file login. 

    AESIF is a now free to join membership, and generates no income form its members. 2023 




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