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Moving Home, AESIF Certification App
Aims to promote health and safety to automatic doors and gates by providing certification, for installation, maintenance, and the need for public awareness, through a range of translated documents, providing information in ethnic origin language, within the United Kingdom, Ireland, & European Union. AESIF is also helping to transcend language barriers for all users. AESIF awarded the coveted “Investors in People”
A Merry Christmas and Happy New year 24
My name is John Birkett and I have been involved with AESIF for over 23 years Serving as director general some 10 years ago now, and also working on the executive committee to help in changing the safety around gates in the UK and EU. AESIF was dissolved back in 2012 but what is new for the AESIF app 2024
"Urgent Notice" new's to automated gate owners
If you have electric gates or doors on your property you should by now be asking your maintenance engineer for a handover certificate for peace of mind and the protection and safety of your family.
AESIF Certification App
Certification for your installed automatic gates starts to grow more popular with the consumers, as it aligns it's self with other industries like the gas safe and electrical industry it's also important for the new home buyer as being left with an expensive repair bill can be costly for all.
BFT Automation UK
BFT Automation UK April 2022 Peter Gansbuehler Climbs Snowdon! Fundraising for Cancer Research UK
AESIF New website
Aesif takes on a new modern look and approach 20 years on for 2022 coming soon.
Open & Shut Winter 2021/22
Latest AESIF News in the industry wishes all members a Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year. click link to open the artical or click image.
British Standard BS EN 12604
I wanted to talk to you about the AESIF APP, but having been on other websites recently I have decided to cover the BS EN standards and more importantly gossip about the Machinery Directives in general.
AESIF members
Gate, Garage doors, CCTV, Locks & Hardware how can we help?
Merry Christmas form AESIF
Wishing all a Merry Christmas and a happy New Year 2019.
Assured Gate Services
Featured Company: Assured gate's new wood gate and automation brochure for 2018 Are you looking for something different.
ACT CPD Seminar at the AVIVA Stadium in Dublin this Thursday! Last remaining Free tickets available here.
Britain exit the E.U
What does Brexit mean? It is a word that has become used as a shorthand way of saying the UK leaving the EU - merging the words Britain and exit to get Brexit, in a same way as a Greek exit from the EU was dubbed Grexit in the past.
HSE guidance
Important Notice to all AESIF Members from the HSE. Target Audience: Gate manufacturers and installers, construction and estates and/or facilities management companies Industries - Services, Construction, Manufacturing (general) Services Key Issues: Actions required to prevent the trapping and crushing of persons by electrically powered gates
HSE warns of dangers
HSE warns of dangers to children playing on power operated doors - The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) has today issued an information document to the owners of opening powered operated doors following a number of serious and fatal accidents to children riding on these doors.
Merry Christmas to all
Wishing all installers a very merry Christmas and a happy New Year "2017" and we pray for peace in our time.
Do you ever get up first thing in the morning wondering what the hell you are doing, ‘well I do now’ we start our day like regimental soldiers, at home, at work, planning the new day’s activities risk assessment, method statements, costing, transportation and this is just to get you from the place of work to the job? And then we have to start all over again.
Delivering safety by design and construction
Powered door and gate safety is not just about the individual components making up the product, but about the way they are combined together to fit a particular set of circumstances, and what is done over time to maintain safety. At all times a powered gate must respond in a safe way when any person interacts with it. Its design must take into account that foreseeable interactions may go well beyond normal use (eg children playing around or with/on the powered gate), as well as normal wear and tear, and adverse environmental influences, particular wind, and rain/snow, and other debris that can impair function.
Getting your gates maintained
Those assessing, inspecting, checking, maintaining and repairing powered gates as part of a work activity have duties for safety under Section 3 of the Health & Safety at Work etc Act 1974. Essentially they should not put others (including the public) at risk. For example, following any maintenance or repair work the gate must be left safe.
Installing automatic gates
All persons installing a powered gate as part of a work activity must install the product safely to meet their obligations towards other persons under Section 3 of the Health & Safety at Work etc Act 1974 (Section 6(3) of the Act also applies where the powered gate is to be used at work). Manufacturer’s instructions for the product and any component parts should be followed, and the gate should always be left in a safe condition. This may require precautions during assembly, and assessment, examination, testing and adjustment before final hand-over.
What Do you need to Know ?
Landlords, or those responsible for powered gates as part of a work activity (eg managing agents), have duties under Section 3 of the Health & Safety at Work etc Act 1974 for the safety of people (including the public) they do not employ. They are expected to maintain similar standards of safety for construction, inspection and maintenance as employers have under the Workplace (Health, Safety and Welfare) Regulations 1992. If competent contractors advise that the equipment is unsafe prompt action should be taken to ensure the safety of everyone
HSE warning to the DIY installers
Powered gates are machines which need to be properly designed, manufactured, installed and maintained to avoid serious, even fatal, injuries.
Merry Christmas & New Year 2015
Wishing all installer / manufactures a merry Christmas and new year into 2015
All installers buying from Linkcare Gate Automation, should apply for a trade account to allow them to see protected trade pricing on our site. Read more......
BENINCA CELEBRATE 35 YEAR ANNIVERSARY!! This year see's AUTOMATISMI BENINCA SpA turn 35 years old! To celebrate in the UK we are holding a Beer & BBQ day on Friday 20th June 2014. The event will be held at our premises in Newbury, Berkshire. Working closely with excellent local suppliers we are offering a free bar and some delicious food served all day. So come and enjoy a locally sourced real ale, the perfect complement to quality meat from Newbury's finest butchers. On the day we will be launching our latest marketing material, supporting our network of recommended installers, as well as showcasing our newest products. You'll also have the chance to grab yourself a bargain with some one day only ' show special' prices.....
DHF Warning to Installers
Labelling Automatic Gates/ Doors
In this day and age all automatic gateways should be clearly labelled and marked, to warn the users of the risks associated with the gate when in use. This is one clear example of how to help reduce the possible risk with such equipment.AESIF can now help in pointing the way to the manufactures of these signs, which is an inexpensive features to the automatic gate way i.e. “Health & Safety” Industrial, Commercial, Domestic so get your gate way properly signed up. It won’t cost you a fortune to help make it safe for the user.
It is always nice to here from past members of the AESIF organisation, the topics of conversations covering all subjects, my health and how we are all doing, those that have now left the industry, and the ones that didn’t survive the recession, but inevitably the subject always gets round to AESIF and whether, or rather when we will see a return of the federation? Article: By John Birkett PUBLISHED 1st February 2014
Girls 5 Death
Companies accused of failing to maintain electric garden gate that crushed girl, 5, to death. Two companies have been accused of breaching health and safety act Girl was trapped in electric garden gate for 30 minutes before release Death was ruled accidental by an inquest into the incident Her father died five months after her death. Artical: By Luke Garratt PUBLISHED: 19:56, 27 January 2014 | UPDATED: 20:29, 27 January 2014
Gate & Barrier Services
TURNSTILES We offer turnstile installation or replacement and use the Zabag, Automatic Systems and Alphatronic ranges of equipment, and will be at IFSEC May 13-16 2013
Virtuality versus Reality. It is good to see photographs of finished electric gate installations and the end often justifies the means of getting there,but a virtual image displayed on the internet gives no idea of what has had to happen to achieve that result.
Semelia Campbell
Semelia Campbell gate crush death: Man charged. Semelia had been playing with a friend when she became trapped between the gate and a retaining wall on 28 June 2010.
Happy New Year
What an end to 2012 with all the gale force winds, floods, and driving rain.
Gateaholics have cause from time-to-time to request help from the manufacturer,distributor or supplier of their electric gate products and it is generally a phone call that is required to request this help.
Merry Christmas
Just to wishing all a merry christmas from AESIF to all installers that have supported the federation over the last 10 years thank you.
GSM Remote Switching
At lasts an alternative answer to the remote control, simply opening your gates by mobile phone?. The AGS GSM Alpha relay board has been primarily designed for barrier / gate access control applications 'although can be used as a general purpose call or text activated relay'. The board also features an optically-isolated DC input which can be used to trigger the sending of a Short Message Service (SMS) status message. The board is ideal for access control, remote equipment resetting and remote monitoring applications.
ASO Safety Conference
2nd Gate safety conference to educate the industry & WIFM What’s in it for me?
MATRIX Fire & Security
Matrix Fire and Security offer a comprehensive range of services to meet your personal or commercial access control, safety and security requirements. Web address see
Gates Direct
Looking for gates, aesif just may have the answers. Prices are avalible to the end user, trade enquiries are also welcome to installers that do not manufacture. All gates are made of 40 x 40 mm box section with 16 mm dia infil and are primed and painted black, delivery prices avalible on request.
Looking for professional gate installer
There are a number of good quality gate installers across the midlands and they do provide a quality install at an affordable price, so how do we find them. Well, you can search the online business directory within the AESIF website for more information as to location.
Spring is in the air
Aesif Members go out in all types of weather rain, snow, blow and the sunshine to service their customer’s needs and emergences. see adds for support and reliable service.
Manufacturer of top-class access control systems,Do you wish to protect your private car park against unwanted visitors? Only let in your employees with a smart identification system? Alphatronics manufactures high-quality access control systems. We sell: •Hardware and software for registration and identification: the reader at the entrance and the software that runs it •Controlled access of pedestrians and vehicles: from barrier to turnstile •High-quality intercom equipment: intercoms with crystal clear image and sound Whether you are looking for a standard payment terminal or a comprehensive access control system for your container park, Alphatronics has it all.
Industry developments, a seven year old child trapped in a gate in Manchester was cut free by the fire service and the incident was very close to being yet another fatality. Apparently the girl had tried to squeeze through the gap between the gate and the post.
Safety First
One year on in remembrance. The industry will well remember the unfortunate fatalities of 2010, but has the industry really moved on, have the standard of installations improved for clients that are looking for these types of security access systems. In the main part the answer is yes, but the consumer is still confused as to the requirement for safety around these types of gate way. The cost for such projects has also increased accordingly, in some cases installation costs are up by £1000.00. It was also a disappointing year for Aesif in those attempts to involve manufactures and distributors in participation in setting an industry training standard for products, and so gate installer continually question installation requirement.
Comelit, both here in the UK and in Europe continue to grow.
Take a look at whats on offer at aesif,important information on advertising within our site, AESIF membership and current news items of interest.
Spring Open & Shut
Industry new on line keeping you up to date.Modern Apprentices
Approved Installations
Professionals or Cowboys? As a consumer why should you use an AESIF approved installer over any other installer? Well the law changed back in 2005! This now meant that all major building work, plumbing, electrical, joinery and security systems on property now have to carry relevant documentation and certification in order to prove the work has met with the relevant standards. Furthermore, financial organisations providing mortgages and insurance on property are also requiring certification that any works are completed to the relevant standards and formed part of the HIPs pack requirment. The entrance automation industry was directly affected by these changes and is one of the reasons for AESIF's formation.
Welcome to the Brand New AESIF website & 'Gate Safety Contractor' Campaign
AESIF are proud to announce the new website, that has been launched today, 20th April 2011.
Security expert
Security expert Vince Domino believes that protecting your home is like the “peel the onion” concept. The more layers an intruder or thief has to get through, the less appealing your home is. Locks and fences put off the opportunist thief, but are not going to stop someone who has your home on their to-do list. However, no matter how determined a thief is, getting through a tall, wrought iron fence or gate may not just be off-putting, it should be virtually impossible. Vince Domino explains…
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