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British Standard BS EN 12604
I wanted to talk to you about the AESIF APP, but having been on other websites recently I have decided to cover the BS EN standards and more importantly gossip about the Machinery Directives in general.
Aims of the federation
AESIF seeks to promote the automation entance systems industry as a whole and believes that by giving balanced consideration to both people within the industry and the end consumer, the entrance automation industry will develop at a faster rate and be able to better serve its customers.
AESIF members
What can the consumer expect
Wishing all a happy New Year including the emergency services that work through this busy period. I have recently been asked on my views of Brexit? And the terms of our exit with the EU on the 29 March 2019 11pm GMT OK but we need to start at the beginning with the then PM David Cameron and be factual and not take sides.
Moving goods
Moving goods to and from the EU through roll on roll off locations including Eurotunnel
AESIF Certification App Registration

Why did members join AESIF - What were the benefits?


AESIF launch : The AESIF APP

This website provides free information about the gate automation industry, and the laws that govern it within the United Kingdom. 

 June 2021 We are back bigger and bolder. It’s been a long time coming AESIF created the first industry online digital certification register back in 2005 down loadable on PC and sent in PDF format to customer.

So what’s the news ? "the new document certification APP" and it will connect straight to the android phone with apple to follow, on 1st August 2021 making the online digital certification form filling on site easy and labour saving.

You can archive a saved document for later use, and more importantly you do not need a connection to the internet to fill the data at the time of use? “That’s right easy peasy you can complete the data without  a Wi-Fi, Internet or mobile connection to populate the form? Once you sign of the certificate, the information is sent from the phone when a data connection is available  an automatic connection”

The smart APP allows you to archive forms so they can be signed off at the completion stage on site with the duty holder (customer) and email directly to your customer on leaving the site. All your information is retained, details of the installation and client for you to use the information at your next onsite service. This service is open to all installers of automated Gate, Door, Barriers.

Who can use the documents; anyone qualified or on affiliated approved register i.e?  AESIF, ECA, NAPIT, NICEIC, 

Whats on the APP 

Visual Inspection Notice of Compliance    Machinery Directive 2006/42 EU BS EN 12453 2017 &12604:2017+A1:2021 

The above form is for a decommissioned installation /or that has no service records on the installations, with further guidance of use from the  AESIF  HSE. 

Inspection Notice of Compliance Certificate    BS EN 12453 2017 &12604:2017+A1 2021

Service Maintenance Compliance Certificate   BS EN 12453 2017 &12604:2017+A1 2021

Power Operated Door Requirements Compliance Certificate  BS EN 12453 2017 &12604:2017+A1 2021

Minor works Certification Part P BS 7671: 2018

 AESIF was the United Kingdom's trade organisation for member suppliers and installers of automation entrance systems. its formation was back in 2000 and closed to membership in 2010 and is now listing as a public and industry sector freedom of information site only updating ongoing information on topics relating to the gate automation industry.

Don't take the gamble: With over 2500 installer organisations in the UK plus many other manufacturer / supplier related organisations.

· Trade information and trends. "gate automation, intercom suppliers, garage door companies, CCTV installers, Locks and hardware."
· Other relevant issues within the industry.
· Interchange of views among members

Radio WIFM..

"Lets take a look back" So what's in it for me

Increased Turnover ? Through raised company profile being associated with AESIF, as the public perception and knowledge increases.
Due to PR activity and Press Releases out to the public media.
Business Directory for  public contact with members.
Opportunities for installer / manufacturing branding.
Public Interest stories, participation, comments on news items issues and forum.

By informing and making you aware of safety in and around automatic doors and gates, in the passing-on of information on safety to the consumer and children, our membership is open to all persons of all ages that wish to support Aesif. In doing so we help those medium and smaller sized businesses we represent enjoy maximum opportunities for growth, both now and in the future. Ensuring the concerns of the automation industry is brought to bear on the matters that affect it. And to safe guard the livelihood and welfare of the members and their dependants.

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