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AESIF News - AesiF ; the federation

AesiF ; the federation - 16 September 2010

AesiF have never just stood on the side lines and watched the world go by, neither do we profess to have an answer or solution to all the problems that face us day to day from within the Industry. Sometimes we all need to make the best of what we have, some distributors may not see eye to eye on all subjects concerning commerce. Installers may not see the value of Aesif or fully understand the work that we conduct on their behalf for the industry.

The excellent quality of workmanship in which this industry produces is second to none, and there are many fine examples to be seen. The automation product that are sold here in the UK market, have all the latest technologies for the installers and consumer to make electric gate systems sold here in the UK amongst some of the best and safest in the world.  

The use of safety edges in combination with safety beems as advised by AESIF & the HSE are now being implemented with regards to future gate designs and enquiries with high risk. So by all accounts you would assume that things in the industry are all rose ’ie then, ‘not at all’ there will be some big changes to come.

AESIF is working with the HSE in order to bring about change for the good of this industry and the consumer; Balance will be given to both sides in finding the best approach in moving this industry forwards. If it's not possible then installers and consumer will be the first to know.


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