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AESIF News - Installers Certificate of Competence

Installers Certificate of Competence - 21 October 2010

Will installers back industry training or just leave the industry now, Mike looks at some of the reasons

The reason why we have had these losses initially has to be the demise of the banking industry, this in turn has meant that middle business has been in a very difficult position with continued cash flow. But more importantly it has meant that the small business sector has often found itself offering continued service in the hope of being paid , unfortunately this final stage has not always worked out.

Aesif is now in negotiation, with insurance companies, to offer a beneficial indemnity insurance which will be able to offer support within the industry as a back up for individual companies public liability insurance.

One huge factor which the insurers are asking for is that there must be an industry qualification so that insurers can be comfortable in insuring qualified engineers.

Now this makes total sense from my point of view, firstly we have a common qualification which we all can understand and work with and secondly our clients will have even greater security from using Aesif qualified installers with knowledge of greater support from insurance.

The industry qualification is required. and we should all be proud of how hard we work and want professional recognition !!

Look at training dates to book your industry qualification.

Mike Pringle

President of AESIF

For further information on training, dates, and its requirments then vist

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See training leaflet "click picture above"

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