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AESIF News - Sim Entry, GSM intercom

Sim Entry, GSM intercom - 27 January 2011

We are happy to announce our new 'all-in'one' GSM Intercom is now available. What is an all-in-one GSM intercom?

It's a reliable wireless intercom utilising a GSM mobile phone network SIM card & it takes less than 1 hour to install! 
Will retro fit to existing Videx 4000 audio modules on site to save time! 

Where is an all-in-one GSM intercom useful?
  • Electric gate & barrier installations
  • Car park barrier help point
  • Ticket machine remote assistance
  • Events - Wireless help points
  • Wireless Remote Help Point
  • Office buildings
  • Residential homes
  • Electric car charging posts (Intercom for remote support)
the list goes on...
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If you want to use wireless systems, eliminate unreliable radio based intercom troubles. Installing GSM is the reliable way forward.

How to install one...
  1. Mount the call point to the wall 
  2. Mount & connect the antenna
  3. Slide in any SIM card 
  4. Connect power source (12-24V AC or DC)
  5. Program numbers to call & access control features by text
Job done!  Quickly & Easily. 

About SOLO GSM..
The SOLO GSM Controller will currently retro-fit Videx 4000 audio modules (4837-1, 4837-2 & 4837-2D - 1, 2 & 4 button) and can also be used with additional button modules to create a GSM intercom up to 8 call buttons. Naturally the keypad & prox options available with Videx 4000 series can also be used. SimEntry original stainless steel panels are in development.

The SOLO GSM circuit board is an OEM product so if you would like to create something a bit more unique or proprietary for your Company, why not speak to us about making your very own GSM intercom with our help. Our GSM electronics have been tried, tested, refined & rolled into probably the most advanced audio controller available for any GSM intercom available.

Who are SimEntry GSM?
SimEntry are a web distribution company specialising in GSM and based in London. We are involved in the ongoing development of GSM products and provide ongoing support every product we supply. SimEntry offer discounts to trade customers and invite custom development enquiries using our 'brand & label free' GSM circuit boards. We have been in business for just over 3 years and 2011 marks the start of our intended plan for GSM products in the UK and rest of the world.

SimEntry GSM Specialise in...
  • GSM Intercoms
  • GSM Alarm Dialers
  • GSM Remote Controls
  • GSM Alert Systems
  • GSM Software Customised for Control & Monitoring applications
  • GSM Boost Antennas & various accessories
  • Low Cost 868Mhz Remote Controls & Receivers (great new dip switch available)
Why SimEntry GSM?
  • Professional GSM products at competitive prices
  • Reliable support when you need it (calls answered 24/7 - emails replied promptly)
  • Ongoing development & improvement commitment on all products
  • Custom development at a fraction of the cost of embarking on in house development
  • Niche product range for a full focus on quality and reliability
  • GSM products produced in the heart of Europe
  • Next day delivery on most products
  • 2 year warranty
See the attached datasheet on GSM SOLO on our website in the 'Wireless GSM Intercoms' category under 'Quick Fit GSM Intercoms'.

Noel Sesto
Technical Sales 
Mobile: +44 (0)7796 176 341

SimEntry supply premium quality GSM Systems for Door Entry, Access, Alarm, Alert & Remote Control Applications.
UK Sales Only: 0800 046 7610 | Office:                          Support: +44(0)788 449 7740 | F: +44 (0)872 115 6259 | E: | Webshop:

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