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AESIF News - VIDEX New Gate Access Phone:

VIDEX New Gate Access Phone: - 02 March 2007

At the security exhibition 'IFSEC 2002' held at the NEC in Birmingham the Director General of AESIF discussed various issues with many of the exhibitors at their trade stands. One in particular, Videx, related to their intercom systems that they distribute throughout the UK.

It would seem that none of the companies importing these types of products have made an internal intercom with the facility to latch the gate open when used in connection with the gate automation industry. AESIF worked closely with VIDEX in 2002 in order to come up with a solution to the problem, since Videx's range of equipment is primarily designed to open secured door access . In the automated gate entrance industry it is sometimes the wishes of our members and their clients to latch these gates open for special occasions.

VIDEX DELIVERED and have released a prototype internal wall phone with the provision of a switch to latch the gates open. the launch of the product has been a great success for VIDEX and throughout 2003 their new intercom has filled a special need for the Gate Automation Industry.

The part number when ordering this intercom product is ART.924M and is available through many automation stockist across the UK.

John Birkett.

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