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AESIF News - With more automatic doors than ever before do children realy see the dangers?

With more automatic doors than ever before do children realy see the dangers? - 05 February 2011

Manufactures and installers are using more sophisticated safety features in and around automatic entrances ways, to provide better safety for the users the general public. Parents are reminded that these entrances ways should always be treated with respect, and children need to be made aware of the possible dangers i.e. trapped fingers? Never let your child play in and around these types of door entrances, whilst an injury is very unlikely to be fatal care should always be taken. AESIF WEB TEAM.

Automated Rising Bollards

Can we remind Automated Rising Bollard Installers of the safety requirement for in movement warning lights, to rising bollard installation that are installed in roadways.

It is increasingly difficult for the road users to determine the position of these types of security devises below the vehicle bonnet height without such visual aids when entering the entrapment area of such installed  equipment.

They can be ‘Orange flashing’ to warn of impending operation of the installed device, or can be Red danger Green to go traffic light.

It is also advisable to incorporate safety beam where these installations may pose a hazard to pedestrian safety.

Check out a copy of the BS Standards for further information on compliance.


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