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AESIF News - Welcome to the Brand New AESIF website & 'Gate Safety Contractor' Campaign

Welcome to the Brand New AESIF website & 'Gate Safety Contractor' Campaign - 20 April 2011

AESIF are proud to announce the new website, that has been launched today, 20th April 2011.

Welcome to the new look AESIF website.

We hope you enjoy your visit and we would like to invite you to take a look around.

We have a LOT of ideas planned for the future of our new site. If you have any comments or ideas for the expansion of the site, we would be pleased to hear them in our forum.

AESIF Getting the message across

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Aesif launched today a campaign with its ‘Gate safety Contractor’ Logo for AESIF approved members, you can email: for the decals for the side of your commercial vehicles.

Promoting safer gate installation is the best way of getting the message across to the consumer, and Aesif campaign is already receiving a worm reception from installers wishing to participate in the scheme.  The consumer having more faith in the installer’s ability to provide a quality installation first time round, the AESIF installer can install a host of safety features specifically to suit your design and requirements.

Construction companies & contractors are already backing AESIF’s initiative, so remember to lookout for the logo with your installer.



David Colliver.
AESIF Web master


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