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Approved Installations - 20 April 2011

Professionals or Cowboys? As a consumer why should you use an AESIF approved installer over any other installer? Well the law changed back in 2005! This now meant that all major building work, plumbing, electrical, joinery and security systems on property now have to carry relevant documentation and certification in order to prove the work has met with the relevant standards. Furthermore, financial organisations providing mortgages and insurance on property are also requiring certification that any works are completed to the relevant standards and formed part of the HIPs pack requirment. The entrance automation industry was directly affected by these changes and is one of the reasons for AESIF's formation.

So what’s it all about then.

AESIF was formed back in June 2002 by a group of like-minded individuals from within the gate automation industry, supported and help by the FEA & Swift automation distributors they had realised that the electric gate installers did not fit within the regulatory frame work of other trades within the building & construction industry. So there was no formal training or qualification program in place for employers and employees to follow. In short AESIF set out to change this, and as they say the rest is now history.

Companies trading in electrical gate automation are now required by the Electricity at Work Act 2001 to supply completion certification to all works undertaken including dates for transitional inspections. Such companies are also required to comply with the law associated with the Building Regulations 2000 Part P. AESIF provides a route to Part P in partnership with NAPIT for electrical defined scope installation and is backed by TrustMark.for those installation companies that wish to use this facility - outlined below -

The Building Regulations 2000 Part P - "Electrical Safety in Dwellings" brings work on electrical installations in dwellings under Building Regulations control for the first time. All work must comply with IEE Wiring 17th edition 2008, where the majority of major works must be carried out by "registered installers" or else applications need to be filed and approved by the local County Council's Building Control Dept.

These regulations and Approved Document P published on 29th July 2004 came into effect on 1st January 2005.

The above legislation aims to reduce the amount of deaths, serious injuries and fires in dwellings caused by electrical faults in homes each year. In the past
ONLY 50% of firms complied fully with BS7671 It is essential as the consumer that you now use a registered installer.

Also the amendments to the Machinery Directive came into force on the 1st January 2010 and are now Law in the United Kingdom, and is fully enforceable MD2006/42/EC.

AESIF is not governed by any one manufacturer or installation organisation, but works with the industry as a whole - impartially and for the benefit of the industry and the consumer.

In short a consumer watch dog for the gate automation industry.


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AESIF is the United Kingdom's trade organisation responsible for monitoring and approving its member suppliers and installers of automation entrance systems.

Check that your tradesman has a current AESIF certificate.

With over 2500 installer organisations in the UK plus many other manufacturer / supplier related organisations, AESIF provides a range of services that enable their members to protect / develop their businesses and embrace the rapid change in which their industry is undergoing.

The principle benefits / services provided to the AESIF membership are:

· Advice on related legal matters, employment  and health & safety.
· Advice concerning British Standard's and upcoming legislation.
· Trade information and trends.

. Business directory for members and public search.
· Other relevant issues within the industry.
· Interchange of views among members.
· Lobby and consultation with government at both UK and European levels.


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