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AESIF TRAINING - 16 June 2011

The training courses to be scheduled with AESIF in regards to the installers’ certificate of competence scheme will no longer be advertised within the Aesif web site.

The main reason for cancellation is the lack of commitment, from within the industry for a national certification scheme, and with that the backing of course dates by members and installers outside of AESIF ‘In general the response has been disappointing’.  The booking and paying for courses has been made as simple as possible to book on line with costs kept to a minimum in the current economic climate, information has also been widely distributed, but with little interest, and to be frank a complete waste of time for interested parties wishing to take and fill courses. 

The certificate of competence scheme has now been available for the last two years, with support from NAPIT  H.S.E Blue flame. And interest from C.I.T.B for construction site integration approval and use. An installer’s certification course, delivered on the standards that directly affects you and your business, are foremost in both public & commercial interest, and  will most certainly affect your lively hood if not understood.

So what was the problem then! Well we just needed eight persons together in a classroom to run a course and date, from a list of almost 2500 installers within the industry; however installers all seem to be waiting for some one to lead the way. I personally see it has ‘if my competition doses not need to do it, then why should I, or it interrupts the work plan and I cannot spare the time’. This does not mean that there were no interest just problems in commitment with dates.

The cost to date for the certificate of competence scheme has reached well over £130.000k in time given by Aesif staff, including endless meetings, and monitory terms. none of the interested groups above mentioned, or manufactures and distributors have contributed an income into this Aesif installers training scheme. It is therefore now considered not justifiable to continue, if not require by industry in the current climate. Remember Aesif was not originally formed to be a training body for the industry but took on the role, to fulfil a need for competence for installers. It is also important that installer should understand that distributors and wholesaler in the UK do not have to approve or indeed promote AESIF's role, in order to sell and market their products in the UK and for most the cost for such a service would be prohibitive.

Secondly there has been an NVQ qualification available to gate installer, which covers Gates Doors & barriers, however in the three years that this qualification has been made available to the industry, it has not been listed or run in the UK by any open learning collage. The main reason is also because of small groups of individuals / business within the geographical area, coupled with the fact that collages does not have tutors versed on the subject or can employ on a yearly salary. Unfortunately it all depends on bottoms on seats and so too with AESIF.

It is regrettable that new business to this industry will now have to make their own internal arrangements in the safe training of their staff and in so doing, proving them to be competent before allowing them to working on site. One company is already facing prosecution for placing an employee in a position of danger / entrapment, and typical fines to companies in breach of the health and safety at work Act can gross over £60.000 if found negligent.  

It’s a sad day for all concerned, but one to note in your diary 16th June 2011



A loss to the industry?.

I have been asked to respond to the decision in the closing of the Aesif Installers Certificate of Competence Course. Well it is quite easy to explain there has been little to no response to the scheme, and a course that has taken the best part of five years and thousands of man hours to organise and some tricky negotiations on my part to bring about. We do have however to give a time to these types of projects, in getting them off the ground and this one has had plenty of time, including the good will from individual wishing to run courses, both in the midlands and the south of the UK.

The hope was to get the scheme of the grounds in Nottinghamshire and then quickly involve other distributors that were already interested in the South, but alas that’s not to be and it is a shame. Yes there will be installers that are upset about this decision, but it was not taken lightly. AESIF was born out of a group of self-minded individual that wanted the best for their business and to be able to grow them on and prove their worth for quality and the service that they provide. Our aims will always remain the same, but on some projects we have to move on allowing us to focus on the federation and what our members need, as opposed to those outside of membership within the industry.

 Example: any new members to AESIF joining after April 2012 will have to have undertaken training with a reputable automation manufacture, NICE, CAME and show a certificate of proof for attendance for the course undertaken along with liability insurances. They will also be required to gain the NVQ Gates, Doors & Barriers qualification within 12 months of membership, to gain AESIF Approved state’s ‘so nothing has changed’. The doors at AESIF are closing tighter for those on the outside, that wish to use the good name and LOGO of AESIF in the future,and for quoted work with specifies, contractors, local authorities.

The Consumer is looking for better quality of service.

One last word on this subject for installers is to check out the Fencing & Landscaping News June 2011  See page 9 article  DHF explains they are also now taking the same steps as AESIF in bringing their Federation membership in line with ours in raising industry practises.  

John Birkett

Director General AESIF    


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