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Announcement - 30 August 2011

Industry developments, a seven year old child trapped in a gate in Manchester was cut free by the fire service and the incident was very close to being yet another fatality. Apparently the girl had tried to squeeze through the gap between the gate and the post.

It is with great regret that yet again our industry has found itself at the centre of a another incident regarding the entrapment of a youngster. We at AESIF are finding it harder and harder each year to try to interact with installers, suppliers and governing bodies to allow any policing of the industry, to be overviewed by an organisation who understand the issues from all sectors.

Due to the fact that our industry seems to have little interest regarding an independent body which allows its members immediate law changes, safety changes and all round general industry news we have made a decision today 30.08.2011 that NO further AESIF registration or memberships will be continued.

AesiF's position and standing has become very disappointing for both hard working committee and regular memberships. However as you are all aware, AESIF is a none profit making charitable organisation and due to the current climate it is not possible to continue our high profile efforts, as we have over the past 9 years.

The AesiF web site will however remain live for the next 12 months with updates on the industry where possible for general interest.

We wish all bodies from within the industry every success for the future, and also thank those of you that have taken the time to support AesiF.

P.S We would remind all installers that the gap between the hanging post and the gate, including bar spacement must not be exceeding 100 mm this includes unprotected gaps to the underside of the gate to floor. Where the gap increases in size a suitable safety devise is required to the entrapment area i.e. edge.

Mike Pringle

President AesiF






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