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AESIF NOT FOR PROFIT - 08 September 2011

As an installer I would like to be kept up to date on the thing that affects me, my business, and my lively hood. I would also like to be able to express my thoughts and have a say in what’s taking place? I would like my customers to be able to find me on an approved listing, most of all that the costs do not prohibit me for being able to take an interest or take a part in my future .Well you can have your say on the Aesif forum at no cost of membership it’s free, and the business directory putt's you were you need to be.

Why is it that the same installers always tern up for every presentation, and the rest of the industry just don’t take part, or haven’t got time? It has always puzzled me why you would want some one to tell you what to do that is not associated with our industry. We are after all capable of talking over issues for our selves.

Outsider pulling our industry down is also not going to help installer participate in such safety schemes that are being made available. The vast majority of installers do take care with installations and appreciate good advice were given, however in the main I guess we all just want to get on with the job in hand.

Question then? If as an industry of installers we are not capable of looking after our own interests from within, then what chance is there of other organisations and bodies in taking over?

Aesif helps both the consumer and installer find a solution in finding professionals for a project.  So what’s needed to achieve this: A terrestrial telephone number, address, public liability insurances, and a check that the installation is OK once a year? Is there something hard about this ‘I don’t think so’ not for installers that want to improve there business profile.

Aesif an installer’s federation run to help installers as simple as that. But not with out our industries help if you really care. Unknowingly you may all have a lot to lose that will take years to regain, I thank all of you that have supported the federation, this is my last artical for AESIF.   

Regards John Birkett         

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