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AESIF News - GSM Remote Switching

GSM Remote Switching - 09 October 2012

At lasts an alternative answer to the remote control, simply opening your gates by mobile phone?. The AGS GSM Alpha relay board has been primarily designed for barrier / gate access control applications 'although can be used as a general purpose call or text activated relay'. The board also features an optically-isolated DC input which can be used to trigger the sending of a Short Message Service (SMS) status message. The board is ideal for access control, remote equipment resetting and remote monitoring applications.




The relay can be activated by a call from up to 55 stored telephone numbers or can be configured to activate when receiving a call from any number. By default the call will not be answered and hence costs the caller nothing. However, the system can be set to connect a call when either the input is open or closed. This allows the input status to be determined even when the SIM card does not have credit for SMS text messages.

The relay can also be toggled by SMS text message or activated for 1s to 999mins by SMS or call.v



This product DOES work with Orange!

Setup and operation is performed by simple SMS text messages including adding and removing user telephone numbers. A complete list of accepted telephone numbers can be viewed via SMS text message. Additionally the memory can be scanned with an individual number, the result displayed by an on-board LED and SMS text.

The output relay has both Normally Open (NO) and Normally Closed (NC) with Common (COM) connections. The action of the relay can be a single timed actuation from 1s to 999mins (16 hours) or the relay can be set to toggle between calls.




MASTERnumber Sets Master Telephone
ADDnumber Adds Open-on-Call Numbers
REMnumber Removes OoC Numbers
LIST Send SMS List of OoC Numbers
CLEARALL Clears All Numbers
CALL LIST ANY Access Mode; List or Any Caller
TXTRES DIS EN Acknowledgement SMS Enable
CONN NONE CL OP Connect on Input State
STAT Current Input & Output State
INTXT DIS EN Send SMS on Input Change
INLVL OP CL Input Level for SMS Alarm
TXTNUM<master>number SMS Send Number
RLYMODE NO TOG Output Toggle Mode
RLYTIME<seconds> . Output Active Time (seconds)
RLYTIME<minutes>m . Output Active Time (minutes)
CSQ Signal Strength Information
RESET Remote Reset
TEST Do not use
DIAL<number>interval (days)time (s) PAYG Keep Alive
DIAL OFF (switch off dial)
OPEN activate relay
OPEN<seconds>. open for <seconds> seconds
OPEN<minues>m. open for <minutes> minutes
CLOSE deactivate relay
QUERY/QNUMnumber . Scan memory for number

Anything else I need to know?

When you buy the board you will also receive a suitable dual-band antenna. If you are using the board in a plastic enclosure you can connect the antenna directly to the board. If the enclosure is metallic you will need to use the SMA coaxial extension cable (not Reverse Polarity RP) so you can mount the antenna outside of the enclosure.

When deciding on which network to use we recommend that you search on the network provider home page to ensure you will receive a good signal in your geographic location. Please note that this unit does not work with 3G only networks such as 'Three'.

For purchasing: Call 07979 595 800.


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