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AESIF News - BFT Receive Industry Award from AESIF:

BFT Receive Industry Award from AESIF: - 02 March 2007

At the IFSEC exhibition staged at the NEC Brimingham this year AESIF were proud to award the coveted certificate to BFT Spa Italy, for innovation, ease of use, and their continuing quality in manufacturing and assembley of automation products.

The framed certificate recognises BFT's continuing achievements at pushing the industry forward and was awarded to Mr Luigi Sepe, Manager of BFT UK based in Manchester by AESIF's Director General - Mr John Birkett.







AESIF also took the opportunity of the show to introduce MecMesssin to various automation manufacturers with regards to introducing their new pressure testiing equipment jointly developed with the input of AESIF. - See other stories.

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