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AESIF News - Rain & Snow

Rain & Snow - 11 February 2013

Reduce the risks of accidents. Installers are being warned about the risk when working on, or carrying out repairs to electric gates in wet conditions especially in snow condition.

Always isolate the supply to mains 230 voltage sides of the attached equipment, and remove fuse or lock off, to reduce the risk of accidents’ also remember to isolate the contacts of battery back-up, on 24 volt systems.

Remember that capacitors will still hold charge after use, and you should be careful not to come in contact with both live connectors on the lead wires. Capacitor can always be discharged to a earth source when disconnected from a system to render them safe.

Rubber mats to stand or kneel on should now be standard practice and use, when working out side the equipotential zone of the property, RCD should also be used in outdoor environments.

One last thing has I am not trying to teach you how to suck eggs! "25.000 m/v ac can put your heart into ventricular- fibula ‘ion, 24v dc can also lead to severe burns”. So be warned and keep safe! We would like to bump into you every now and then, not read about you in the obituaries column.

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