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AESIF News - Virtuality

Virtuality - 21 February 2013

Virtuality versus Reality. It is good to see photographs of finished electric gate installations and the end often justifies the means of getting there,but a virtual image displayed on the internet gives no idea of what has had to happen to achieve that result.

Every new installation is a major engineering project in its own right and the gate engineers (gateaholics) who carry out the work are tough characters who work solidly and methodically in all weathers to achieve the objective of ensuring their customers have a trouble-free remote controlled electric gateway.

We have often asked what makes a good gateaholic and answers from clients are very varied ranging from "got a nice van" , "has good tool kit", "knows his product", "good sense of humour" "methodical worker"and many many more . When we ask the same question of the gateaholics themselves the answers are very different..."must be mad" "obviously not concerned about money", "patience is a necessary prerequisite""would have been better working as a psychiatrist".

We threw out a question to gateaholics recently asking them to list the top ten items they would make sure they carried with them on their working day and this is one response.....

1) Large fishing umbrella

2)Rubber Gloves

3)Fingerless mitts, hat and scarf.

4)Welly Boots

5) Electric kettle, mugs, tea ,coffee, milk

6)Kneeler and/or kneepads


8)Torch (large)

9)"oh mein Papa acordion music"CD or cassette or mp3


All of us have our preferences of what is necessary ,what would you list as your top ten items to carry with you on your working day??

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