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AESIF - 01 February 2014

It is always nice to here from past members of the AESIF organisation, the topics of conversations covering all subjects, my health and how we are all doing, those that have now left the industry, and the ones that didn’t survive the recession, but inevitably the subject always gets round to AESIF and whether, or rather when we will see a return of the federation? Article: By John Birkett PUBLISHED 1st February 2014

AESIF as you all know, was set up to help those installer / fabricators in the industry to have a better understand of the requirements of the Directives and Standards. A goal, which was achieved not only across the UK, but also Isle of Man, Ireland, Jersey, and the Hebrides.  AESIF was also invited to sit in on the Governments forum & implementation of Part P with Mr Ken Bromley O.D.P.M. back in 2002.

The achievement of AESIF member Part P Mrs Tammy Radford organising its own logo and assessments with NAPIT 2003, the achievement of the Investors in People award brought about by the then Company secretary Mrs April Sheppard and her endless meeting and hard work with the committee.  I would say not bad for a band of nobodies, that wouldn’t last the year and way, way out of their comfort zone, they simply wouldn’t take NO for an answer....... education and guidance for the general public, in the use of automatic gates, help in safety issues enquiries.

AESIF a little hive of industry, and everybody involved working and pulling together for the same goal. Our message was simply achieved, our AESIF members, and installer fabricators in or out of the federation all now know the score, and so did the manufactures and the distributors.

The question is are installers really looking for accreditation for their company, are they now prepared to back an installers federation, would they support and actively take part and move it forward.?....yes no....... AESIF a federation of installers for supporting installers, to the point and have a real sense of reality, distributors of automation products should of course be offered the opportunity to become members as in the past, but should not be relied on for financial support.

Membership:  I don’t for example think that membership should be tiered to company turn over, installers would not wish to join on these basis, their profits are far too tight at this moment, and in any case small business need help to recover from this bad prolonged period of trade for all. Personally I feel it would only help to dissuade them from joining in membership.  AESIF was never about profit in the past, but the way forward for the future would be very different? The bottom line is keen interest in membership and numbers to support it.


A topic in the AESIF forum is available for those of you who wish to debate the subject of AESIF and membership.   



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