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AESIF News - Labelling Automatic Gates/ Doors

Labelling Automatic Gates/ Doors - 02 February 2014

In this day and age all automatic gateways should be clearly labelled and marked, to warn the users of the risks associated with the gate when in use. This is one clear example of how to help reduce the possible risk with such equipment.AESIF can now help in pointing the way to the manufactures of these signs, which is an inexpensive features to the automatic gate way i.e. “Health & Safety” Industrial, Commercial, Domestic so get your gate way properly signed up. It won’t cost you a fortune to help make it safe for the user.


Signs to help reduce the risk of entrapment for installer and end users simply click of the sign to purchase your requirments.

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Signs for installer and end user  click on the image to be redircted to the web site for ordering

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