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AESIF News - Installing automatic gates

Installing automatic gates - 21 July 2015

All persons installing a powered gate as part of a work activity must install the product safely to meet their obligations towards other persons under Section 3 of the Health & Safety at Work etc Act 1974 (Section 6(3) of the Act also applies where the powered gate is to be used at work). Manufacturer’s instructions for the product and any component parts should be followed, and the gate should always be left in a safe condition. This may require precautions during assembly, and assessment, examination, testing and adjustment before final hand-over.

Where installers assemble a powered gate from component parts, including where existing manual gates are reused and converted to power operation, in most of these cases the ‘converter’ or ‘installer’ becomes the product manufacturer (the ’Responsible Person’ in law), and will have all of the obligations of a manufacturer as mentioned above, including CE marking of the final product.

In all cases certain minimum information should be handed over to the user, including copies of relevant instructions and recommendations for safety checks and maintenance. Where force limitation is used for safety, specific details about the limits and how force limitation can be checked should be included.

Significant modifications to an existing powered gate may result in the gate having to be re-CE marked as the powered gate is in effect a ‘new’ machine. The same may also apply where CE marked gate kits are modified on installation, or installed, in ways not intended by the kit manufacturer. In these cases the person making the changes will be deemed to be the manufacturer.

During commissioning but before hand-over, the installed product will need to be checked for safety and benchmarked for subsequent safety inspections.

If it is considered that a powered gate will be unsafe when installed according to the manufacturer’s instructions the person responsible for the site / gate and the product manufacturer (as indicated on the Declaration(s) of Conformity and Instructions) should be informed. The gate should not be left in an unsafe condition.

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