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AESIF News - "You can't service the UK from Italy":

"You can't service the UK from Italy": - 02 March 2007

Says Mr Ian Alderson, Managing Director of Nice UK.

Like many overseas companies in today's global markets, the first step to introducing a company's

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  The Italian automation manufacturer NICE have recently applied such a strategy having established NICE UK.
Trading since the beginning of June 2004, Mr Ian Alderson appointed MD of NICE UK gives us an insight into the current activities and aims of the new UK operation.
  "The first five months have been hectic. Appointing the right staff, locating a suitable property and the logistics involved of getting NICE UK functioning as it should have been a rewarding challenge."
  "You cant service the UK market from Italy, along with reliability of NICE products, its important that the price has got to be right. Within this the drive has been to ensure excellent service which starts with a good attitude and understanding as soon as a customer calls NICE UK on the telephone, and includes quality technical support and next day delivery."
  Initial marketing material has been sent out to 2,500 installers, gate manufacturers etc across Britain with 80% expressing an interest. Ian states that his goal is for NICE UK to get out and see people - building partnerships and relationships with people through face to face contact.
 4 Million Euro on R&D
Nice have invested over 4M Euro in product research and development. The results of which are easily identified within the stylish new designs being launched by NICE. 

  New Training Facilities
The new training facilities provided for installers of NICE automation are a key part of NICE UK's business development plans.  By providing quality
Click here for direct link through to the Office of the Deputy prime Minister site training there's clear benefits of actually seeing the full range of products up close. Learning how to commission automated gate systems in a controlled/safe environment benefits the user
due to the product being fitted competently.

NICE UK are also proud to announce that Heather Gallagher is the first female Technical Manager for the automation industry in the United Kingdom, and the response from the numerous delegates who have attended NICE UK's impressive facilities has

been very positive.

AESIF congratulate the professionalism shown by NICE UK and are pleased with the proactive role that NICE continually demonstrate in providing sponsored membership for its Installer Training Scheme. Ian Alderson concludes:
"This sponsored link with AESIF benefits the installers by being affiliated and accredited to the industries recognised body"

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