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AESIF News - Specifying / Purchasing

Specifying / Purchasing - 21 July 2015

Specifying / purchasing a powered gate, or converting an existing gate to a powered one

New powered gates, which include manual gates converted to powered ones, are machinery subject to the strict product safety requirements of the Machinery Directive / Supply of Machinery (Safety) Regulations when placed on the market, or first put into service.

Architects and buyers need to specify and select suitable products. While powered gates may start as an off-the-shelf product, many become unique machines when they are installed. This is because they often have to be adapted to fit, and adjusted to cope with, the local environment (eg the effects of the wind and terrain). Therefore discussions with the manufacturer, supplier and installer, and a preliminary assessment for safety, may be required before commissioning, as well as a final assessment before first use.

Where multiple persons are involved it is important all understand and agree in advance the various roles of the different parties to ensure all legal duties are met. These include who will be the ‘Responsible Person’ supplying the final product and so responsible for undertaking conformity assessment, providing the Declaration of Conformity, User Instructions and CE marking.

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