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SAFE FOR ALL - 13 October 2015

Do you ever get up first thing in the morning wondering what the hell you are doing, ‘well I do now’ we start our day like regimental soldiers, at home, at work, planning the new day’s activities risk assessment, method statements, costing, transportation and this is just to get you from the place of work to the job? And then we have to start all over again.

So in the real world do we need all this protection? A lot of it is just common sense, but the anxiety and stress being placed on the individual are now enormous, too the sense that a person cannot cope with the weight of information being piled up on top of them. ‘Stress is the biggest killer’ brought on by bureaucracy regulation and intimidation. Heath & Safety needs to address these concerns.

Is it all about blame and prosecution and how does one re-address the balance? 

Looking at the gate automation industry, is it possible to install a machine at any address commercial or private, in a location where there are so many unknowns. For example: climate you cannot plan for this one it’s just not possible, a strong gale force wind can rip trees out of the ground and snap them like matchsticks, cold temperatures: ice and snow will lock an automated gate solid, vandalism, and then there are children that simply do not see the dangers, ‘but more importantly do not play by our rules’  

So are the majority of automated gates keeping one safe, and what do we mean by the word ‘safe’

·         The feeling of security

·         In the knowledge that children and our pets cannot get out onto busy streets

·         That our possessions are protected

·         That we can now sleep soundly in our beds

·          Or that they stop the unwanted callers

Or do we mean safe in the use off? For the most part automated gates are a lot safer than manual gates because; there is no control of safety on a manual gate, example in high winds or a gate being slammed into a person. In reality you are more likely to have an accident involving a trip, fall or a moving vehicle when leaving your property than getting entangled in the automated gate, which you should in theory never come into contact with.

Safe; what do we mean by this word? Well, being respectful in the design and making others aware, when they use the gate / door and alerting them to the dangers in the use of. Information the “warning sign on the gate / door” is the most important piece of information needed for all uses. The only time you should have to make contact with an automated gate / door is when undertaking maintenance or repair.

Safe; children need to be educated with more information of the dangers, and this program should include education in schools because these labour saving machines now form part of everyday lives. ”So let’s make it a safe in all aspects of the word”

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John Birkett

Industry Assessor 

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