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AESIF members - 14 June 2020

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Code of Fair Trading

All registered members follow a Code of Fair Trading and have undertaken to act in good faith in all dealings with customers.
The Code is in addition to the customer's statutory rights and takes nothing away from them.

Membership of the federation is available to companies which construct, Install or manufacture automation of Door, Gate, Barrier' Entrance Systems. Admission to registered membership is at the discretion of the Executive Committee.
The federation's code covers the design, installation, maintenance & commissioning of "Automatic Entrance Systems" together with any associated civil engineering and energy management systems forming an integral part of the particular package of work.

Before the work commences the registered member, wherever possible will provide an estimate in writing and will provide a clear description of the work and the duration for which the price applies. The estimate will state whether the price is firm for the work described or subject to fluctuations in the costs of labour and material. It will cover the requirement for interim or stage payments as agreed.

Where it is not possible to provide a written estimate, for example, when work is undertaken in an emergency or, due to risk of physical injury or problems such as access, the work cannot be accurately surveyed, the registered member will endeavour to do the work in the most economical way and to use its expert knowledge for the benefit of the customer.

Where possible the registered member will advise the customer of the basis for charging for such emergency work.
Wherever practical the registered member will state the expected dates for the start and completion of the work and keep the customer informed of any variation from these dates. He/she will endeavour to keep the customer informed on all situations.


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