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AESIF members - 14 June 2020

What can the consumer expect

Prospective customers are always looking for quality products and services. A  registered member of the Aesif federation is automatically identified with those who have already shown their determination to provide quality and service. This is something that gives reassurance to the consumer but also places an obligation on the member to achieve those high standards.

A federation member must be seen to do good sound work, and to treat customers with consideration and fairness, providing quality of service and enhance the reputation of the Federation. The public can rely on their members, their professional expertise and integrity, their high standards and the value for money which they offer.

What's the point in having automation done on the cheap - if it results in poor workmanship and substandard materials?

Wherever possible you can expect the following from an Aesif registered Installer**:

  • Will provide an estimate in writing.
  • will provide a clear description of the work and duration for which the price applies.
  • The estimate will state whether the price is firm for the work described or subject to fluctuations in the costs of labour and materials.
  • The estimate will cover the requirement for interim or stage payments as agreed.
The Aesif registered member is aware of current legislative requirements. 

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