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AESIF News - Aims of the federation

Aims of the federation - 14 June 2020

AESIF seeks to promote the automation entance systems industry as a whole and believes that by giving balanced consideration to both people within the industry and the end consumer, the entrance automation industry will develop at a faster rate and be able to better serve its customers.

Their aims are:

1.      Promote quality and safety through:
- The qualification of companies.
- The training, qualification and reward of
- Attracting and retaining quality employees.

2.      Promote the compliance of all electrical and related installation work to relevant standards and supporting the affiliation of the J I B Electro- technical Certification Scheme (ECS) to the Construction Skills Certification Scheme (CSCS) and introducing and promote the AESIF Identification card Scheme.

3.      Encourage the adoption of beneficial new technologies and installation practices.

4.      Influence the market to ensure that there is an equitable commercial environment.

5.      The Automatic Entrance Systems Installers Federation has the following objectives:

a) To be a central representative body to put the views of installation & manufacturing companies to governmental departments and agencies, parliament, the European Commission and other relevant organisations.

b) To be a research and statistical centre, to aggregate and publish statistics, and to provide analysis on installation & manufacturing and other relevant market information.

c) To be a technical centre providing commentary, guidance and advice on all legal and other regulatory developments of relevance to automation, installation & manufacturing.

d) To provide a forum for the exchange of non-competitive information.

e) To promote the installation & manufacturing industry.

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