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AESIF Certification App - 29 March 2022

Certification for your installed automatic gates starts to grow more popular with the consumers, as it aligns it's self with other industries like the gas safe and electrical industry it's also important for the new home buyer as being left with an expensive repair bill can be costly for all.

The AESIF app, for approved installers, shows compliance with the machinery directive for the installation of door gates and barriers.

Buying a new home with electric gates already installed can have its problems especially if the gates are not working properly, leaving the new owner with a big bill, and the possibility of being non-compliant.

With the AESIF certificate, the process just got easier for both the property owner and for the approved installer with the AESIF APP it makes it possible to complete the certification on-site saving time and money. 

The AESIF certificate gives the new owner a point of contact for the future.  The approved installer will give you a quotation for his site visit cost; the certificates are quickly emailed to the end-user. News article picture 

The compliance certs give the new homeowner peace of mind and covers new installation as well as those being previously installed maintained and serviced.

Your installation company will have a record of the installed equipment which speeds up time in locating replacement parts should they be required.

Don’t forget to look out for your local AESIF gate-safe Installer. "Insist on AESIF certification to keep on the right side of the law” also see for more information from 1st August 2021

AESIF Pdf files take up little space on installation companies hard drive reducing the need for paperwork “Green” and should be stored for up to 10 years, or for the of the life of the designed installation. “this being subject to the designed number of manoeuvres and the continuation of an annual Certification by the duty holder”. There is no requirement to keep certificates on decommissioned automated gate installations.

AESIF member Pdf information is stored on the installer company registrar app for 18 months only but gives both the end-user and installer time to resubmit for the annual replacement certificates. No third-party client information is recorded or retained by AESIF; all records are kept by the company signatures and customer-owner only.

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Just to make a point, you don't have to be a member of AESIF to use the app? The app is independently supported by Gate safety certs Pendigo, in fact, if you have any approved qualifications from within our industry you can use the app or have credentials with the following organisations NICEIC, Electrical Contractors Association, Elecsa, and NAPIT. OTHERS, include DHF, GATE SAFE,and Safe Contractor. you may use the app. 

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You can also use your approved product manufactures training courses Came, Facc, BFT, Beninca. The app is a rolling monthly contract and you only need to give a month's notice, if it's not for you. AESIF is supporting the app for its members,and gives 2 months FREE USE OF THE app when joining. But there's no catch for anyone employer or employee. 

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Gate Safety Certs welcome all professional bodies and organisations, in promoting the (GSC) Pendigo app, and in doing so support directly the required BS: EN: standards, certification, for the benefit of clarity and standardisation, in the use and delivery of required documentations for  landlords, end user, and the confident consumer.

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The (GSC) Pendigo app remains faithful to both the BS: EN: standards and those narratives’ of the Directives adopted into UK law by the Europe Union and U.K. Governments of England, Scotland, Northern Ireland Parliaments, and Welsh Assemblies.

The naming of organisations should not necessarily mean an endorsement of the (GSC) Pendigo app, rather allowing membership of the above proves their company's competence in performing their activities and credibility, and gives companies and individuals the opportunity in using those credentials of a professional membership on the app. A participating organisation may allow the use of their logo on the gate safe certs Pendigo app. 

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