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AESIF News - Urgently needed use of gate safety certificates

Urgently needed use of gate safety certificates - 03 July 2022

AESIF. Last week, Thursday 30th June was a very lucky day for one nineteen-year-old gate engineer, When the gate he was working on came off the gate support whilst removing the underground automation motor lid cover at ground level. When carrying out servicing/maintenance you are kneeling on the ground, and you are in the most vulnerable position, against the gate leaf if coming off the hanging support, as you have got no time or way of getting out of the way before the gate drops, and all because of years neglect and no maintenance on site. Fortunately for this young man on the day, he was working with another engineer on site. Aesif is trying to encourage installers to “self-regulate their industry” by filling in and using the Gate Safety Certification document in the interests of safety, and awareness of the risks, for all users, before the government has to step in and impose rules and laws to protect the welfare of the consumer. This clock is now ticking and our industry will lose control of the decision proses if installers do not change direction?

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Service engineers are putting themselves at risk now on a daily basis with old automation installations, as they are approaching the end of their useful life, with some installations being in place now for over twelve five years. The lack of maintenance on an installation is putting engineers in a position of injury commonplace, entrapment, and the ever-present risk of a possibility of fatality, with every visit to a new property. 

With more than 25 years of gate installation contracts now in place, it's imperative that installers with early Gate installations from this period try to make contact with those customers, to make sure that automated gates are operating safely.

 As installers, we need to pay particular attention to underground automation which is more likely to suffer corrosion wear and tear problems from years of use. It's absurd to assume that we can carry on indefinitely with this situation given the high risk to human life, over the issuing of a certificate, and carrying out a simple service and maintenance schedule.

There is now an ever-present necessity for regulating the automated door and gate industry on the ground of the safety of all. The consumer that is unaware of the dangers in the use of these types of products, and the Installers engineers who are attending these automatic gateways at the properties, on the ground of the Health & Safety work act.Ensuring the concerns of the automation industry are brought to bear on the matters that affect it, and to safeguard the livelihood and welfare of the Installer members and their dependents.

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A copy of certain points and aspects from within both "urgent notification letters" together with information on our current progress on standardising BS EN standards into a credible working simplification documents, for use as the Gate Safety Certification. The docs are to be used across the industry for the inspection of door/gate automation, and the safety "of individuals" which is a benefit to installation engineers and provides clarity going forward for the confident consumer, and the safety and welfare of all. 

AESIF is a now free to join membership, and generates on income form its member. 2023 

John Birkett  


Imagine having to come home to be given this news.  "If we self-regulate our industry"

We do it in the names of those innocent children that lost their lives.  God bless them.


We are asking very little for the possible risk to another child, and there are no costs involved? 

Download the fail & pass Visual Inspection Certificates pdf doc's here "FREE OF CHARGE" by clicking on the image, we are not collecting information from you.


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