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AESIF News - "Urgent Notice" new's to automated gate owners

"Urgent Notice" new's to automated gate owners - 06 July 2022

If you have electric gates or doors on your property you should by now be asking your maintenance engineer for a handover certificate for peace of mind and the protection and safety of your family.

It is important to make sure that all manual release locks are functioning, in the event of an emergency or for the possibility of a person becoming trapped.

Never allow children to play in or around automatic gate ways and the entrapment areas and explain to them the danger so that they understand. 

"Help us by always insisting on an AESIF Inspection Certificate". 

Imagine having to come home to be given this news.  "we need your support to help self-regulate our industry"

We do it in the names of those innocent children that lost their lives.  God bless them.

You can also open the public awareness notice information leaflet about certification and the importance of the requirements by clicking on the image below, it will open the PDF viewer.  

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Public Awareness Notice AESIF 2022.pdf click the image above to open the document.

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