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AESIF New website - 30 July 2023

AESIF is moving over to the AESIF app to support certification, AESIF membership is free when joining the AESIF app. So no membership fee, so take advantage.

AESIF is closed to members and is now a freedom of information website for automated gates, and the safety thereof. 

Existing members are still able to register and record their own business information using the AESIF APP to help in improving standards within the industry. 

There is a saying when a company is doing well, there is the perception of no requirement for the need for associations and affiliations.  On the other hand, when a business is doing badly the cost of running and reducing one's overhead in business prohibits the participation.  

It's not a new problem, economic circumstances rule in the running and survival of a modern business and keeping competitive in the open marketplace.  

AESIF app 

Signing up to the AESF app, is easy you and pay monthly or Yearly and can cancel at any time, giving you real flexibility for your company, you still get the logo for your Vehicle and stationary. We have to move with the times, in providing the tools companies require in the busy lifestile of today.

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There has to be a need for the AESIF membership side to coexist and participate to keep it.  

Reminder on membership: AESIF is closed due to a lack of interest from installers, moving forwards in the UK. 

The running of this site takes time, which is given freely but there needs to be a requirement through membership for its function and that's just not possible in the current climate. Hoping thing change in the future.  

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