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AESIF Certification App - 22 April 2024

Can we bring this to your attention? it’s worth a read. As a company do you fulfill the requirement of certification? in signing off your work in compliance, as a professional installation company. “Can you afford to be left behind your competitors?” AESIF awarded the coveted “Investors in People”


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Introduction how to increase your turnover by utilising your existing customer base. 

Did you know as an “AESIF app user member, that you may be missing out on a lucrative income for the signing off of schedule works for automatic doors shopping centres, shops, hospitals, Doctors surgery’s, and Schools “both domestic and commercial in use” and typically around £25.50 per hour for the certification, as a subcontractor to sign work for another company. The certificate charge is around £20.00 plus VAT for commercial use. £12.00 for domestic use plus VAT “Insurance”

Did you know as an “AESIF app user member, that you may be missing out on a lucrative income for the signing off, of schedule works for automatic garage doors “sliding, lift, tilt and turn automatic  “both domestic and commercial in use” and typically around £25.50 per hour for the certification, in subcontracting too others. Certificate charge is around £20.00 plus VAT for commercial use. £12.00 domestic use plus VAT “Insurance”  

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Did you know as an “AESIF app user member, that you may be missing out on a lucrative income for the signing off, of schedule works for automatic turnstiles Airports, Train stations and platforms, underground, Sports Facilities, football Venues, public conveniences using “sliding, lift, tilt and turn automatic turnstiles “ both domestic and commercial in use” and typically around £25.50 per hour for the certification, in subcontracting too others. Certificate charge is around £20.00 plus VAT for commercial use. “Insurance”  

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Remember if you have AUTOMATIC sliding glass doors to your doctor’s surgery, shopping centres, or shops we have certification to cover the installation supplied by the professionals, make sure you are covered on your insurance. 

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AESIF app certification across the European Union.

Did you know the aesif standardised certification is now available to use across the European Union, and has been translated into the different languages, off the European community.  The United Kingdom certification is also available in Welsh the AESIF app print PDF format. Other certificates are also available in translations of French, Dutch, Swedish, German, Austrian, Italian, Spanish, and Portuguese print PDF format by professional installers using the AESIF app.

The app certification is sent on to your customer by email "paperless" or print as required.

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What's new for the AESIF APP member and client users and manufactures? “The option of a weatherproof QR code, hopefully coming in the back end of 2024”

The maintenance industry benefits by  over 1.75 billion in turnover from preventative maintenance and repair/replacement every year in the automatic door and gate industry, covering all the certificated sectors in the United Kingdom.

1. If an installer sticks a new weatherproof QR code, to the control equipment on completion and assembly of their works for a customer. The QR code stores information about the installation the manufactured product name, and directs the installer to the highlighted information on the app website database for the AESIF app member to auto pre-populate a new certificate for the customer.  

2. When a customer scans the weather proof QR code, on the control panel it takes them to the Aesif app database website, and tells the person the make of the automation installed at the site/property and date fitted and serial number. 

3. Likewise for the manufacturer, if the customer/installer shared the QR code with the manufacturer Tec guys? The benefits are that a customer knows what product they are talking about, for technical help service history, installation history, warranty. Including extended warranty, given on products that are dependent upon regular service schedules after 12 months?

4. The benefits to a customer in moving house, and the passing on of existing warranties, extended warranty on manufacture related service, and the proof of maintenance and certification, also remember the benefit in kind to the point of contact for the installer, and continued service contracts.     

5. Installers using the QR CODE for use in conjunction with the aesif app certification it will allow them to prepopulate the certificate on the aesif app for servicing and schedule maintenance going forward.  

6. When your customer scans the QR CODE for details and information, it can alert and inform the original installer of the installation. “This function is available, but only if this function is switched on" by the installation company using the aesif app. 

7. When scanning the QR CODE, it takes the user to the website database and the highlighted listing.

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Call Mansfield garage doors Tel: 01623 621 999 

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AESIF Onsite Guide: 

Introduction who is the “door” manufacturer? Who certifies that the installation has been assembled per the instructions in the manual?

This website provides free information, about the gate automation industry, and the laws that govern it within the United Kingdom and continues to support the AESIF app certification. In helping, improving the safety for the consumer and the use of automated doors and gate, in the prevention of accidents. Membership is free no fee when using the AESIF app to keep installation safe for uses. There are thousands of unsafe gates in the United Kingdom some are over 30 year old and still in operation. Certification removes these dangerous "able or likely to cause harm or injury" products from the market place and can save lives.

As a consumer you can insist on using only installation companies that use the AESIF app certification in providing professional service and maintenance.

According to the standards and European directives, there is only one manufacturer of the finished product, even if assembling parts of another manufacturer’s produces, or issues a product onto the market, which falls within the field of application of the standard or directive.

With reference to the type of products considered in the Directive BS: EN 13241-1 the following subjects within the directives are generally present in our market:

Door component manufacturer

Door (manual) manufacturer

Door (power operated) manufacturer

Automation component manufacturer

Assembler: (The person or company that assembles strictly observing all specifications in the instruction manual).“ Factory Process Control” this can be performed on site. The assembler must not issue documents.

Conformity is issued by the manufacturer.

I.E "an assembler is a person or company fitting a barrier, a preassembled door, garage door, a bollard, and turnstile. The assembler certifies that the assembled Machinery had been installed as per the instructions in the manual at the location of intended use".


Installer: the person or company that applies automation to a manually operated door, who therefore converts the product and thus becomes the power operated manufacturer of the power operated door.


The following points define the various subjects and relative tasks according to the Machinery and Construction Products Directives.

Note: you will require a minor works certificate BS: 7671:2018 for the power supply to the location of the automatic door garage door, automatic bollard, gate or turnstile if this has not been previously installed. 

An example: The installer assembly declaration.

Part 1:The above automation equipment has been "assembled installed, tested and attached to pre-installed automated garage doors" (which have been inspected and deemed suitable for power operated use) In compliance with the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC, Low voltage Directive 2104/35/EU, Electromagnetic compatibility directive 2014/30/EU, Radio equipment directive 2014/53/EU "and to the manufactures instructions"..

Part2: I being responsible for the assembly Part :1 Automated garage door and electrical installation & works carried out and described in Part: 2 certify that the said works do not impair the safety of the existing installation, that the said works "do not impair the design, construction", in "accordance with the manufactures instructions", and have been inspected and tested in compliance with BS EN 12453:2017+A1 2021 That the electrical work installed of which I have been responsible for, is to the best of my knowledge and belief, at the time of my inspection, does comply with BS 7671:2018 except as detailed in Part 2.8 (above). 

The declaration of compliance remains with the Manufacturer, not the installer, "assembler". 

An example: The maintenance declaration.

I being responsible for the inspection, maintenance of electrical installation and "pre-assembled machine / garage door" carried out at the above address, In accordance with BS EN 12453:2017 and is to the best of my / our knowledge and belief, at the time of my / our inspection, complies with Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC,

 Warning: an installer should “never mix different manufactured components” I.E Motors, or control panels on an automatic installation, as you then become responsible “by that action” for the conformity as issued by a manufacturer. Remember a manufacturer designs a group of products that work in harmony, “function safely” never put yourself or your company at risk. Always think twice.

AESIF Onsite Guide: insert by permission of Author J Birkett 

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