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AESIF News - Security expert

Security expert - 30 March 2007

Security expert Vince Domino believes that protecting your home is like the “peel the onion” concept. The more layers an intruder or thief has to get through, the less appealing your home is. Locks and fences put off the opportunist thief, but are not going to stop someone who has your home on their to-do list. However, no matter how determined a thief is, getting through a tall, wrought iron fence or gate may not just be off-putting, it should be virtually impossible. Vince Domino explains…

There was a time, not so long ago, when homeowners did not feel the need to lock their doors. Come to think of it, many still neglect to lock their doors. This is the most basic security measure you can take to protect your premises. Your door and lock are the first "physical barrier" to illegal entry. Leaving a door unlocked and valuables like car keys, purse, or notebook nearby (particularly for those with a window in their door or sidelights) is a recipe to become a victim of theft. My Dad used to say, "Locks just keep honest people honest." Police and locksmiths will tell you that most conventional locks, particularly those in the door handle, can easily be picked.

If you don't have one already, install a deadbolt. Talk to a reputable locksmith in your area about alternatives to keyed locks as well. Even with a decent lock on your door, thieves can make their way into homes and businesses. Most break-ins occur through glass. In a residential setting a glass window in the door or a sidelight will allow a burglar to open your lock by simply smashing the glass and reaching in and unlocking the door. If the front door is too obviously exposed, any glass window or door is temptingly vulnerable to a smash and grab thief.

Security gates and bars are an excellent physical barrier to your premises. However, many do not like their prison-like look and feel. Homeowners and high-end shops may find them particularly objectionable. They are, however, valuable and can and should be used where aesthetics allow (basement windows and back entrances for example). Make sure that the bars are installed properly and that they meet with planning regulations. The art of estate fencing involves keeping your property protected from trespassers while maintaining its beauty.

The goal is to find a gate or fencing materials and design, that add appeal to your estate while keeping it secure. The most common type of  gate and estate fencing is wrought iron . The fence and gates are made from metal bars that are galvanised. These types of estate security are easy to shape and it works well on uneven ground. This adds beauty and charm to any estate. It gives it a classic look that is appealing without being over whelming.

You can also find estate fencing that is made of iron but is it round instead of flat. This makes it lighter and more flexible, but this type of estate fencing is not as durable. This type of fencing works well when you have to move it for cattle grazing or other types of projects. It has a powder coating to prevent it from rusting over time. Some estate fencing is very high while others are standard height. It depends on the look you want to give your estate. Adding a very high estate fence with large decorative gates that open up to drive into the estate are very beautiful. They also a purpase to help keep people and animals from getting into your property. Estate fencing can be purchased from farm and ranch supply stores, home improvement stores, and on the internet.

If you aren't sure which type of estate fencing or security gates to purchase, take a look at the various styles and designs on the internet. You will want to find out the best type of material to use for your fencing needs as well as compare the prices. Most estate fencing is quite easy to install. If you aren't interested in doing it yourself, the internet and Aesif is also a great way to find a security gate and estate fencing installer.

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