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AESIF News - The Building Regulations 2000

The Building Regulations 2000 - 13 April 2007

Electrical Safety Approved Document P Following our recent Poll of the Midlands Area the following trend has become apparent.

Recent poll Midlands area Jan 2007

A recent polls suggests that only 10% of installers now undertake work that is notifiable to building control under Part P.

10% of installers now rely on the customer to get a power supply to the gate way. This as you can imagine conjures up a variety of result's.

50% have opted to use subcontractor 's to get around the problems associated with Part P.

25% say that the Electrical Supply is already live and protected at the gate way.

5% would seem to carrying on regardless to the politics associated with Part P though in truth this figure is probably much higher.

It is clear from our findings that this is far from a perfect situation for the industry, although given the wide range of backgrounds of the installers within the country this is understandable. The most common complaint from installers are the cost implications associated with Part P, and is by far the biggest factor in deterring most installers from self certification and providing the full installation service to the end user.

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