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AESIF News - Elero products

Elero products - 06 July 2007

Aesif takes this opportunity to welcome NRG automation as an approved Aesif distributor for the UK.

For many years Elero UK had seen it's marketshare restricted to just Elero products by its parent company in Germany. Recognising the UK was a changing market place, Paul and fellow director Andy Perry sought to take advantage of a new range of products, which would complement existing Elero products whilst allowing them to develop new market opportunities. Realising that potential meant a change of role for the Widnes based company, from Elero's UK subsidiary to becoming an Elero agent. To reflect these exciting moves Elero UK are re-branding to NRG Automation, a company now entirely run and controlled by the UK team.

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Exclusive distribution rights to Elero products in the UK have been
retained – the eagle-eyed will spot some similarities between the two
logos. “This was vital,” says Paul “but the most important thing is
that we now have the flexibility to build the business for the
increased benefit of ourselves, Elero and, most of all, our customers.”

Through the aptly named NRG Automation, Paul, Andy and their team can offer a much more comprehensive collection of products particularly tailored to the needs of the UK market: Elero’s technically superb range will continue to satisfy those who demand innovation and the quality of a world leader. Yet this is nowhere near the full story, Italian specialist Key Automation has also been keen to appoint NRG as exclusive distributor in the UK and Ireland for its gate and access control systems.

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“This is a tremendous opportunity & the customers we have talked to agree,” says Paul. “It has given us a new will & confidence to be able to invest in staff, customer service, technical support and stock

Already this is beginning to happen with the opening of an additional
5,000 sq.ft. warehouse and distribution centre at Winsford to support the existing head office in Widnes.

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All this could not have come at a better time for the new company.
Awnings and security shutters are markets that are growing in sales and the new Elero Revoline range of drives is beginning to make an impact. This ground breaking range, a result of several years research and development in Germany, sets new standards in operation and control- robust yet acting with precision and sensitivity, simplified yet offering far more benefits.

A particular advantage is the slow running operation with torque reduction which guarantees a gentle stop. Available in three different models, for roller shutters, awnings and Vari which can be used in both applications.

When Revoline is combined with the new developments in the Proline range of controls now with 868Mhz technology, they present a high tech package that has few equals.“Our emphasis will be on providing solutions at all levels of the motorised control marketplace. With our new freedom we will show considerable NRG in doing so,” adds Paul Connor.

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