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AESIF News - New President, Food for Thought

New President, Food for Thought - 05 October 2007

I must thank the AESIF committee for the opportunity to represent the independent federation of the gate and automation installers.

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I am fully aware of the efforts, time and the relentless work which has been carried out by all the executive committee in the day to day organisation of the federation. I can only hope that I too can carry forward their efforts and that of my predecessor Michael Gawyluk. I intend to take a fully active role, in support of members and in promoting the good works that this organisations carries out.

As director of Heritage LDK Ltd which is both a manufacturer and installer of entrance systems, I feel I am fully aware of the increased need for an independent body which can assist its members with both legislation and legalities of automation system.

I am sure we are all aware of a certain fatal incident, in which a verified competent installer has fallen foul of a horrific accident, in this day and age with legislation becoming increasingly more important, I feel there is an even greater need for a body to provide support and advice to its members.

I am very aware of possible complications AESIF may have with gaining manufacture backed distributors support, however I do feel that there is even greater need for both suppliers and installers to have a body of contact on issues which can forward our industry in a safe and profitable way. I do not see AESIF as a union body which will try, nor should it, attempt to control supply sales or put constraints on, in any way, installers sales quotations. However I must stress that I think an approved installer should be able to command a income relative to there qualification and approval status, which in turn will lead to suppliers being even more confident in less product returns and therefore even greater turnover profit.

Individually the way in which AESIF can provide a body of knowledge is with membership. It must be, as with all independent organisations, the ability to respond and offer, is through its members involvement. I don’t just want members to join and not use the wealth of knowledge we can offer, as a member you will only get out of AESIF what you put in.

I am sure we all feel that our industry is within the midst of big changes, lets not get caught out.

Best regards to all our existing members and a big welcome to all our new members.

Michael Pringle


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