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AESIF News - Once upon a time a certain district of Nottingham

Once upon a time a certain district of Nottingham - 29 January 2008

was infested by a huge dragon, whose poisonous breath "had many a city slain," and whose hide" no spear nor sword could pierce." Every day a virgin was sacrificed to it, until the time came for the King's daughter to be bound before being devoured, when St. George appeared, and thrust his lance into the monster's mouth, and killed it on the spot.

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You know every now and then you come across a gem, and our industry is no exception to this rule, can you imagine our surprise one Saturday morning calling for an appointment to talk about AESIF with an installer / fabricator,  which turned out to be Local sculptor Robert Stubley, and it would seem he has amazingly flown his lair in Middle Earth, and landed in Sneinton, right here in Nottingham.

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Local sculptor Robert Stubley has put Sneinton on the map by creating the Sneinton dragon, a work of art with a fifteen foot wing span, is seven foot high and took three months to prepare and build.

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Sculptor Robert says it's what the people of Sneinton asked for. He says they were probably impressed by the two dragons he placed outside his own home. Robert  in the past had worked on the north sea rig’s, but came back to Nottingham, his passion for sculpturing art is plain for all to see “working in factories or fabrication shops is not for me says Robert”.
I’ve been a welder for years and after seeing Gaudi’s work I decided to have a go at a sculpture. This is definitely my best so far and I just hope everyone else likes it.”

Robert also makes bespoke metal gates and railing if you are looking for something different, and all are suitable for gate automation and are professionally  installed.

The magnificent stainless steel Sneinton dragon is being dubbed as sitting at the one main  gateway for the east side of Nottingham, and Robert Stubley is all for such types of public art. He believes more should be encouraged around the city and beyond.

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"I’ve worked on the continent and it's everywhere. It's just fantastic. It just makes the place different somehow."

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Dove of peace

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Robert Stubley talks about his new creation: with John Birkett, Michael Pringle, AESIF

If you are interested in Roberts sculptor’s or indeed giving Robert a commission for a bespoke pair of metal gates suitable for automation, please contact AESIF e-mail The Automation system will be installed for you by a professional installer and certificated. “Can you imagine being the proud owner of such an individual piece of bespoke art, that can only increase in value, and be the topic of conversation for years to come.” 

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Story by John Birkett AESIF

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