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AESIF News - Safety Solutions UK & Irland

Safety Solutions UK & Irland - 04 May 2008

We notice that more and more jobs are coming in from the UK and Ireland with conductive safety edges on the specification Andy Holz, ASO sales manager UK & Ireland says. Pneumatic, optical and micro switch safety edges are being replaced, as they are considered unreliable and costly to maintain .

This adds to the overall cost of the project and brings with it additional challenges, which can be eliminated. Conductive safety edges are an important safety feature on commercial doors and gates. There are several ways to reduce the problems and costs associated with the existing non conductive safety edges.

Benefits of assembling your own safety edges 

Your installer is at the job site checking to see where the problem with the door is. It's the safety edge; it's not working. So, the process begins. He measures it and cuts the rubber for the safety edge, plugs in the electrical connectors, seals it and installs the edge to the door or gate - finished. In a matter of minutes, you have the door or gate operating on the initial service call. Happy customer, money saved, money earned.

ASO Safety Solutions knows that not everyone is capable to keep spare of rubber safety edges in his van or does not want to assemble it. So another option is to call one of our partners in the UK, order the safety edge and you could have it within 2 days. Advantage is that you would have a guaranteed quality made safety edge to the exact size you need. Because what sense does it make to have a 2 meter safety edge on a for example 2.12 meter gate? Andy adds: “It is not only senseless it is also illegal!”

What good are your safety edges when they don't resist against water? 

“Our GE profiles are tested in field now for more than 6 years. We know that they work under extreme conditions. I can not understand, that a lot of gate and door manufacturers are still using safety edges where they know that they are causing problems with humidity and water. This only leads to unnecessary service costs and makes the edge 5 times as expensive. Install the safety edges and don´t come back for repairing the switching strip, cleaning the lenses or adjusting the wire for the next years! ” That is how it should be Andy says.

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ASO safety edges are tough, resistant to tears and can take a lot of abuse because they are made out of EPDM and are developed thoughtful.

Therefore look for a design that features a protective chamber surrounding the important switch chamber inside. This robust design should not tear or deteriorate as other materials and designs do. The edge stays active and the door stays operational. Another feature is that you do not have to feed in of the switching strip.

ASO safety edges are a co-extrusion, where the switch chamber is already integrated into the profile. The integrated switch chamber is made out of carburetted EPDM, which means that it is flexible and you can not get any problems with bended copper inside the switching strip that causes permanent contact. Last but not least the most important fact for wet countries as the UK and Ireland are.

What about the water resistance of the safety edge.

With the special developed plug that is glued to the end of the small, integrated switch chamber and an additional end cap, the safety edge is resistant against water. Try it yourself!

Small checklist for users of safety edges

- Check the electrical switching mechanism. Is it easy to   install in the sensing edge profile?
- Are there overall length limitations?
- Is the product easily understood by personnel with all levels of experience?
- Can your installers easily assemble the longer edge lengths on site?
- Can you order the exact size you need or are you stuck to certain sizes?
- Does the safety edge fulfil the force limitations regarding BS EN 12453?
- Is the safety edge tested regarding the EN 1760-2
- Can you get a certification from your safety edge supplier?
- Do you have any problems caused by damaged or open switch chambers?
- Do you have problems with failures caused by humidity or water?

Take control of this important function of the door/gate: Use tested and certified safety edges in combination with the control unit and meet the requirements of the customer and the new standards in place for monitoring the safety edge on gates, sectional - overhead doors or roller shutters.

ASO´s wide range of safety edges are certified by a notified body in combination with the relays for doors and shutters and the inductive transmitting system (ISK) for sliding gates. This means that they fulfil the new norms and standards.

Andy Holz points out:

“Do not gamble with health and safety on gates and doors! It could be one of your loved ones being hurt or worse!”

For further information take a look at  send us an email under or call us under 0049-5258-9327-26

UK sales also through, Easygate Ltd, UK Distributor,  Safety edges are available in cut lengths for customers contact Tony Gooding Tel: 08450545070

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