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AESIF News - Certificate of Competence ATAJB 12207

Certificate of Competence ATAJB 12207 - 20 June 2009

Industry training with the Certificate of Competence ATAJB 12207 is now under way for those of you that seek a qualification, check out the training and information details available on this page. So what is the one thing that ties automation equipment of manufactures together ? Came, Bft, Faac, Bpt, Nice, Ditec, Sea, Dea, and Gibidi “The Machinery Directives” Do you need to know more about British Standards requirements and installation. Then industry training is right for you.

Do we ever stop to think, ‘what would happen if for example we have the opportunity to take on more commercial / domestic work’? “Where would we find trades men to fill the positions required”?  Perhaps we are looking for subcontractors or along term employees or maybe we just need to concentrate on the running of the business, and are unable to give time to training in order to come of the tools.

The problem is without the process of skills and an ability to show the persons worth, it’s hard to track the candidates to fit the post. Now some distributors have made an effort to provide a certificate to show the attendance of a training course, but there is no structure to past schemes. At some training days you only need to attend, to obtain the certificate. So they have all been a waste of time and effort for both sides, with little or no reward for the installer.

Example: If our children / students left collage with out a Degree, A level, or GCSE, how would we be able to determine their skills, how would they communicate their level of knowledge. It would be hard to say the least and very time consuming to find that special person to fit your requirements.

Let’s look at the current climate that we are facing this year. Some contractors have plenty of work, and some with full order books, it may be that they are looking for subcontractor to fill an employment need. AesiF members can subcontract work onto other members, as both companies agree to the same conditions of membership, and too the workmanship, and guarantees in which they conduct their business.

“The point is an instant approval of company or person and the opportunity to pick up business”.

Just imagine how easy it will be with a qualification that’s recognised by industry and easily available for all installers to do, and with a standardised paper for all. It’s also the opportunity to bring trainees into the employment pool for the first time.

If you would like to download the online Pdf application form, please click the text line below.

It’s been a long time in coming, so don’t let it slip through your fingers.


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