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AESIF News - In response to the tragic gate incidents

In response to the tragic gate incidents - 08 July 2010

In response to the tragic gate incidents that took place in Manchester & Wales. AESIF extends its condolences to the families of the children concerned in the accidents. We can confirm that the companies are not members of AESIF and that they are not on our register, it is not possible to comment on each case has they are being investigated by the Health & Safety Executive and nor would it be right for AESIF to speculate at this moment in time. We must let those in charge of the investigation take their course in order to get a fair and just outcome for all concerned.

Many automatic gate installations are installed around the UK each year. They protect our children which may be at risk during school hours; we also use these systems to protect sensitive areas like Hospitals, Air Ports, Ferry Terminals, Police Station, Courts, & Prisons including the M.O.D.  For domestic use we find there applications in and around our Family Homes, Hotels, and Courted Areas including car parks.

Ironically it is our perceived need and request for these types of security systems that make us all feel more secure and less vulnerable to crime, and possible violence to our persons.

There are thousands of automatic gate systems installed around the UK, with very few accidents reported considering the numbers being installed mostly around the home and industry. We all need to keep a level head on this! Yes the industry is growing and that is not a bad thing, if however you insist on using an AESIF installer we will keep a check on the work to make sure that it is up to standard, but we need your help, only the consumer can always insist on an AESIF approved installer for peace of mind.

The owners of automatic gate are reminded of there duty under the health & safety act to protect the general public and trades people i.e. postman delivery and refuse collection in ensuring that their gates are properly maintained and serviced at leased once yearly. AESIF hold a registrar for installed and recorded gates in the UK, to protect both parties.


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