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AESIF News - Deputy Prime Minister

Deputy Prime Minister - 13 July 2010

Re: Accident In Manchester & Bridgend regarding two small children having been killed. AESIF has writen to Parlament and the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister 'Nick Clegg MP' with regards to standards and possible register for gate installers within the Industry.

AesiF’s efforts are intended to raise the standard of installations for the end consumers and directly improve the efficiency and market growth of the sector for all three interested parties. With around 2,500 individual automation installer firms of varying quality in the United Kingdom and a diverse array of importers and distributors.

Our specialist trade sector doesn’t fit within the regulatory framework provided by other institutions, and as such there is a lot of concern being expressed throughout the industry and media. As a watchdog for our industry AESIF is left toothless without Government intervention, and legislation to help in raising standards.

It is now hoped to arrange a meeting with you,


The objective hoped to be discuss:

  • The current situation of the  Automation Industry in the United Kingdom.
  • The implications of a possible new UK Government policy on this industry.
  • Industry sector information useful for government and for information useful to the sector.
  • The role of AESIF to best serve the objectives of the three groups within the sector, Manufacturing, Distribution, Installation.

News update: Communications between the Prime Ministers office at Westminster and AESIF have proved fruitful in bringing together a meeting with the HSE Operational Strategy Division, for talk’s in October 2010 on the automation industry, and the Certificate of Competence Scheme available to installer by AESIF.

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