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NEWS RELEASE - 07 September 2010

This month's focus is on one of AESIF's leading gate automation distributors BPT,and explains their roll in bringing quality products to the market place. GET MORE....FROM LIFE! BPT LAUNCHES 'LIFE' QUALITY-ELECTRO-MECHANICAL RANGE Renowned for its quality electro-hydraulic equipment, BPT Security Systems (UK) Ltd. - the total access solution provider - has launched the new LIFE electro- mechanical brand.

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LIFE is a comprehensive range of above and below the ground electro-mechanical gate operators and traffic barriers, introduced by BPT in response to customer demand for a quality yet affordable electro-mechanical option.

Designed with innovative electronics, mechanical excellence and discreet, stylish appearance - all the qualities customers have come to expect from BPT Security - LIFE also represents outstanding value. This is further enhanced by a number of features incorporated into the product range that you wouldn't necessarily expect to see at this price point; these include in-built safety devices such as anti-crush and obstacle detection. Additional safety devices are also readily integrated, such as photocells, safety edges and ground loops.

The LIFE range is available in 24v and 230v kits and covers the full range of gates. LIFE Optimo is for on the gate automation for gates up to 5m per leaf, weighing 900Kg on a 2m leaf. It provides 90-120 degree opening on double or single swing gates. LIFE Ergo underground kits are for gates up to 3m and weighing 700Kg. Easy to maintain and install, Ergo kits allow access to the drive unit without the need to remove the gates. Galvanised or Stainless steel ground box options are also available.

LIFE Acer sliding gate kits are for rolling or cantilever gates up to 600kg. Stylish and discreet, the DL controller unit fits inside the drive casing removing the need for additional external housing - a neat, compact solution. LIFE Armor is an articulated arm
kit, mainly for applications where large brick piers are involved and the gate geometry is difficult. A 24v system, it is suitable for gates up to 200kg at 2 metres. The LIFE Supra barrier completes the range, with a choice of 3, 4 and 5m beams in two styles, with shockproof plastic casing.

A selection of accessories is also available from BPT specifically for the LIFErange, such as transmitters and receivers, access control and safety equipment, all of which can be easily integrated. Third party safety equipment and security systems such as access control and intercom can also be readily integrated.

For the installer, LIFE not only provides a comprehensive range of reliable electro mechanical gate operators and traffic barriers, but ones that are exceptionally quick and simple to programme. Two types of controllers are available for use with the range: a standard RG-control board for precise adjustments and a DL-control board for quick and simple set up where only basic adjustment are required. The latter allows programming to be completed in just a few button pushes, taking less than five minutes, claims BPT - a remarkable
achievement when you consider the three to four hours a number of competitors' equipment can take.

Even with such simple installation, BPT Security is offering free training and product demonstrations for installers interested in taking on the new LIFE product range at its Head Office in Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire.
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The new LIFE range from BPT Security is suited for light commercial and residential use, in new or existing installations. It comes with a three year guarantee.

For further information please contact BPT Security Systems on 01442 230800 orgo to <>.

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For several years now BPT and its range of products that are sold on the UK market, have backed the work of AESIF. We continue our support for installers with product training into the coming year 2011.


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